Somewhere in Huibsland 1996 results

                      ..official result list from..
                ____              _____
               (_____               |       l___|
              _______) omewhere   __l__n    |   |uibsland

              ..a smellon.divas party 22-23-24 july 1996..

demo compo..

1. floating blunt #128 by smellon. (amiga)       128 points 
2. neuspeuter by new style (pc)                   46 points 
3. hoop stront by diva's (amiga)                  13 points 
4. bbstro by s2 (amiga)                           10 points 
5. take a trip up my ass by guru's (pc)            8 points 
6. ??? by void (void)                              1 point

disk trashing contest..

1. celtic of axis (including diskdrives!)          263 pieces 
2. coolio of the mighty smellon                    206 pieces 
3. infant of newage                                198 pieces 
4. morkus of newstyle                               1 hardisk 
5. krypton of mellow                     1 piercing (outch!!) 
6. styles and scandal of s2                          1 pieces

thx (c64 tune) compo..

1.infant of session and new age
2.celtic of axis

module compo..

1.jongo of smellon                                  206 points

boozing compo..

1.krypton of mellow
2.jongo of smellon. and mellow
3.morkus of new style (pc)
4.coolio of smellon.
5.infant of session and new age
6.celtic of axis

joint building compo

1.supernao of tbl and lemon                      38 joints (and still busy)
2.morkus of new style                            18 joints 
3.jongo of smellon                               17 joints 
4.jos de jogger                                  13 joints 
5.infant of session^new age                       9 joints
6.celtic of axis                                  8 joints
  coolio of smellon.^ghd                          8 joints 
7.krypton of mellow                               1 joint 
8.styles of s2^void                             1/2 joint 
9.scandal of s2^void                            1/2 joint
10.sorcerer of s2                               1/4 joint

nonsleep compo

1.celtic of axis
  coolio of smellon.^ghd
  infant of session ^new age                      3 days 
2.jongo of smellon.                               2 days
  huib of mellow                                  2 days
  joint of smellon.                               2 days
  morkus of new style (pc)                        2 days 
3.krypton of mellow                             1.9 days
  cindy of diva's                               1.9 days (too busy with
                                                         krypton and infant)
4.s2 crew                                         1 day

Fistfucking Compo

1.magic of nahcolor                             203 fists 
2.supernao of tbl and lemon                     202 fists

compo competition

1.huib of tbb (the black booster)
2.jongo of jongo's jungle^smellon

                 Orlingo / Black Sista ^ Stoer & Nutteloos


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