Spectre & Northstar Halloween Party 1989 results

02-05.11  Spectre & Northstar Helloween Party 89.
Held in Trollhättan, Sweden for the amiga scene. More info most welcome,
were there graphics and music competitions?

invit   Spectre "Party Invitation Demo" (amiga).

amdemo  1.  The Silents "Snurkel Preview".
        xx. Bloodsuckers "Nokian Nuoriso Ohjaaja Demu Part".
        xx. Bounty "Demo".
        xx. Extacy "Demo".
        xx. Phenomena "Arboga Party 90 Invitation".
        xx. Phenomena "S & N Party 89 Demo".
        xx. Phoenix "Party".
        xx. Rebels "Toked Away".
        xx. Spectre "Hold On".
        xx. Tommyknockers "Rasterdemo".