TMDC 2007 results

 Results processed by Silly Little Votesystem 3.00 by Sol/Trauma
  1. clockwerck by Northern Dragons vs xplsv  34.924893058327719%
  2. SESSiON ONE by bawlz                     34.495083802102698%
  3. Triuksmas by paulius                     25.659084033729307%
-   -  - -- --- --------------------------------- --- -- -  -   -
  4. TMDC10 by BITS                            4.920939105840275%

The last TMDC only attracted a few entries, but they're 
definitely worth checking out.

-- Sol, TMDC organizer, tAAt ry

Selected comments from the jury:

Comments on the competition in general:
- Too bad we had such a small competition. But at least people 
  are still trying!
- Few rather good entrys, enjoyed watching good ol' textmode 
  demos again.
- Once again really hard to decide between the top-3. Funnily
  using red color seemed to be popular this time, especially red
  combined with grey/white, extensively used in two of the demos.

On 'TMDC10 by BITS':
- Part of the challenge of making a 4k is making it interesting. 
  This one fails in it.
- The glow effect was neat (and worth exploring) but overall the 
  production was too short.
- If you think it's cool - try to find a way to show it in a cool 
- Slow moving, uninspired work, work harder!
- I think the rules actually forbid altering character set, but
  this one still seems to do that. Technically would be grounds
  for disqualification... however, I don't care, as these tiny
  4k intros in tmdc don't tend to work too well against the 
  demos. And this one wasn't an exception.
On 'Triuksmas by paulius':
- Okayish for a quick prod.
- The only demo to really take advantage of the textmode palette 
  this year.
- Some quite promising effects. The music irritates me so that it 
  gets annoying by the end.
- For something "thrown together in a few days", it was a true 
  textmode demo that caught my eye.
- Surprisingly nice and little demo which also looks good.
  Only thing which really bugged me was the music which I didn't
  like at all. Still it managed to somehow fit the demo, so it 
  mostly goes with it, as long as one doesn't turn up the volume 
  too loud. Other than the music, this is a fine piece.

On 'SESSiON ONE by bawlz':
- Excellent music but too much recycling from Signal to Droids.
- Stylish and enjoyable, but the animation seemed too rough and 
  blocky, even for textmode.
- Nice design. Rastering is a bit messy and stuff should be a bit 
  more simple. Would have been a lot better with more strong 
  composition with cameras. Although worked quite ok.
- Solid "classic" 80x50 textmode demo, lots of nice shapes, 
  well done.
- I really liked the theme and "hip" of the demo, a little short
- Starts well and feels quite cool for a while... Has the modern
  growing things and stuff. :) Not bad at all.

On 'clockwerck by Northern Dragons vs xplsv':
- Overall quite average. The ugly ASCII gfx are kinda cute.
- I do believe that clockwerck is first textro to make me LOL.
- Good music sync. Nice design. The parts with round-character 
  based rastering worked very well and looked very nice. Didn't 
  get any grip of the scroller but other usage of ascii-stuff 
  went well with the design. Clearly the best in this 
  competition IMHO.
- The theme holds across the images, the music, and the 
  flow. Great job.
- Traditional demo, nice and neat with good tone in music
- Liked it a lot, parts of it worked very well. It slightly
  misses in design compared to two other top-3 entries, but
  as a whole it manages to be entertaining which makes up for
  the design side. The ending was quite funny touch. :)