Demokerho Demo Competition 2015 results

Demokerho Demo Compo
 Helsinki - Sörnäisten Rantatie 31
 date 11th of January 2015

All contestants can choose whether they want to release their production online.
Demokerho is a demoscene club, sort of a computer club for demosceners. Our
goal is to encourage and help new and old people interested in the scene to make
demos, and better comprehense difficult demoscene subjects. For Demokerho
we get premises that are near perfect for demo making and other scene
activities. In Demokerho we don't have school like lessons but visitors and
organizers may choose to help those who need help. Occasionally Demokerho will
have presentation speakers who will introduce cool ideas and tips for demo

Demo Compo results

|   1st place. |       
                       demokerho1 by Mehu 
                       (Rasberry Pi)

|   2nd place. |       
                       Puskamaa goes 4k! by Gluster

|   3rd place. |       
                       Compofiller 2000 by TarhaTarha
                       (Windows, Java, Android) 

|   4th place. (shared) |
                       Kanditro by cce^Peisik 
                       (256b MS-DOS) 

|   4th place. (shared) |       
                       Verho by atomim^Peisik