Computers Hell 2000 results

                       COMPUTER`S HELL 2000

Baerliner, Brainstorm, Checky, Demona, Diabolo, Faayd, Fantastic Zool,
Floyd, Krill, Mac Gyver, MBB, Quasar, Satyr, Scorpe, Scoup, SilverFox,
Svan, T7, Torben Tzschau, Zealot, David, Andy


[59 pts] DemoHazard - Sanity
[46 pts] Mambo Nr 9 - Rum Posse
[33 pts] Schaedelhammer - TUM
[29 pts] Fuenf Ka - Centric
[26 pts] Fake - Moon


[27 pts] Fractal 1 KB - Svan
[23 pts] WarGames - Scorpe
[22 pts] LSD - PuterMan
[05 pts] Cool - USB


[35 pts] Piper - Brainstorm
[34 pts] 2 Girls - JL
[28 pts] CompoPic - Drake
[23 pts] B. Gates - SilverFox
[23 pts] BILD - USB


[all pts] FunkRock - DJB
[00 pts] Poison Girl - SilverFox

SilverFox`s tune didn`t take any place in compo,
`cause he was too shy to publish it on party...:)

This year some more entries, TUM surprised the partypeople with
some very good basiceffects, SANITY released their first demo,
CENTRIC had big problems with his demo (should be a 4 Kbyter,
but cruncher wasn`t good enough...). The good old RUM POSSE
brought again another "high quality" demo and MOON worked with
cool WELLE: ERDBALL sounds! We missed demostuff by PHANTASY,
but RAVER came too late to party (more than 1 week!!!), he hitch-hiked!