South Sealand Party 1994 results

24-26.06  South Sealand 94.
SS94 was held at Iselinge Skolen in Vordingborg, Denmark by Focus Design;
it was also held at the same school the following year. About 200 people
attended. A full 30 modules competed in the competition, most of them in the
techno vein.

· Results from 'The results of the competition(s) at South Sealand '94'.

amdemo  1.  Virtual Dreams "Love".
        2.  Polka Brothers "Gevalia".
        3.  Rebels "Mr. Monkey".
        4.  Gunnars Farvebio "Megademo 7".
        5.  Rednex "Quackbusted 2".
        6.  Polka Brothers "Bobble Trouble".

gfx     1.  Devilstar/Virtual Dreams "Old Fuck".
        2.  Jade and Hannibal "The Banshee".
        3.  Motion/Balance "Spider Trip".
        xx. Guybrush/Iris "Phonix".

music   1.  Starmaster/Prologik "Total Control".
        2.  Vocal/Rebels and Blue Fox/Balance "Equal Justice".
        3.  Chorus and Sid/Jewels "Cross Roads".
        4.  Flowerchild/Iris.
        5.  Drac/Iris.

fastgfx 1.  Picasso/Depth.

        1.  Surpice Kebab/Skorpion & Hellrazor.

other   Polka Brothers "Noname" (amiga demo).