Coma 1999 results

                            Results of Coma' 99
    (fixed by Phoenix after it was mauled to English by Babelfish :)

Number of attendants(approximation) : 100-120 

Number of productions: 37

Sponsors: Matrox, Camelot Info, Ubisoft, Microïds, Association étudiante du collège
Jean by Brébeuf , Association des parents du collège Jean by Brébeuf


  1. Anticonstitutionnellement by Madasscow
  2. Guy Final by The Dead
  3. Back in time by Pakfu
  4. I thought that the competition was tomorrow by Antoine Azard
  5. Publicite Absurde
  6. Magic Shoes


  1. Chuck by The Dead
  2. Wyrm by Random
  3. Wizard by Snake Grunger
  4. Nomade dans la nuit by Lemmingsky
  5. Rider Ant
  6. Spiral
  7. Totoro by Aylektrique
  8. Agrume Man by Unkelben
  9. Coma by Madasscow
 10. Castle
 11. Ciul by Kolz
 12. KickAss by Ana


  1. Fucknut by Random
  2. The Explorer by The Zapper
  3. Millenium Fever by Michelis
  4. Psyonic Zone
  5. Music is Drug by Ironman and Onyx
  6. Tea time by The Humanoid and The Hornet
  7. Medieval Cow by Madasscow
  8. Drakkar jusqu'a by Antlantide
  9. Liberation d'un esprit (Release of a spirit) by Preacher / Saourtye
 10. Trying to achieve by Void&Null
 11. Doh Bemol by Muffin No 3 / Stringings


  1. Hypodermik by Creative Impact
  2. Mogol by Inca Masters
  3. Sci-fi Dreams by Suboptical
  4. Interstice by Organa
  5. SnowTro by Repulse
  6. Eat shit and die by Muffin Group

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