Sincere by TBC
screenshot added by pohar on 2008-07-20 18:44:22
platform :
type :
release date : july 2008
release party : Solskogen 2008
compo : combined intro
ranked : 2nd
  • rulez 137
  • is ok 9
  • sucks 0
popularity : 1%
  • rulez 0.94
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alltime top: #362
added on the 2008-07-20 16:36:48 by magic magic

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added on the 2008-07-20 16:44:28 by hollowman hollowman
Clean and cool, and a worthy runner-up.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 16:46:08 by menace menace
I went, oh thats nice, to damn I'm bored to - woah hey how long is this music in 4k? Impressive scope and depth of music - wiorth a thumb by itself.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 16:50:02 by auld auld
Nice music! Lotsa firefly's with ribbons ;-)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 16:53:18 by magic magic
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 16:55:29 by can can
Mesmerizing and beautiful, with a soundtrack that fits like a glove.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 16:57:46 by Alpha C Alpha C
tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 17:01:24 by Weyland Yutani Weyland Yutani
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 17:38:46 by s7ing^ATZ s7ing^ATZ
It does drag on a bit too long, but the first impression is very good. It has a really nice calming atmosphere, and the soft blue gradient makes it feel like I'm staring into the night sky.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 18:07:16 by Wade Wade
#1 imo.. i enjoyed this alot more than the one by gargaj and whatshisface :P
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 18:31:06 by mind mind
cool, living atmosphere, nice chillout music, great mood. I like it!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 18:40:07 by pohar pohar
quite nice for the first 2 minutes then it just turns into a drag... lovely ambience tho :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 18:41:15 by Maali Maali
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 18:47:02 by #535 #535
lovely little thing, definately should have won the compo imo.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 18:53:18 by keito keito
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 19:08:33 by mrdoob mrdoob
bad ending tho.
added on the 2008-07-20 19:09:28 by mrdoob mrdoob
it stops a bit unexpected but the ambient sound and the smooth visuals are nice enough for a thumb up :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 19:16:12 by gopher gopher
reminds me of the Magnetosphere by Flight404. But in 4k, very well done!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 19:20:17 by iq iq
Awesome synth for a 4k....
effects are simple but fits perfectly with the song nice job guys!!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 19:23:00 by Tigrou Tigrou
true, I though it looked fligh404-ish, but didn't realised how xeroxed it was :P
added on the 2008-07-20 19:23:39 by mrdoob mrdoob
Yes I immediately thought on Magnetosphere as well, but this is very well done for a 4k.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 19:27:52 by zoom zoom
did not run over here.
added on the 2008-07-20 19:54:14 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
nice, and good sounding synth!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 20:13:56 by blala blala
a bit long ... but very nice and much better the the 1st place ...
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 20:20:10 by BiTbUsTeR BiTbUsTeR
like a dream! outstanding music quality!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 20:29:22 by Bobic Bobic
Most people including myself having some sensibility.

Puryx: why are you so fucking awesome? :_
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 20:33:10 by stage7 stage7
Very smooth, eyecandy.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 20:35:02 by of of
nice mood :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 20:50:59 by Prot-DHS Prot-DHS
msx & design remind me a little of an O2 advert. none in particular, just the overall feel. nice!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 21:12:44 by button button
any chance to get the d3dx9_37.dll anywhere? can't install full DX9 runtime over DX10, it seems
added on the 2008-07-20 21:25:06 by Jcl Jcl
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 21:30:25 by Buckethead Buckethead
Very nice, great concept and music.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 21:39:22 by Devistator Devistator
Jcl: i think you can find it on http://www.justfuckinggoogleit.com
added on the 2008-07-20 21:42:54 by reed reed
Very, very nice! Looks great and the music from Puryx is, once again, outstanding!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 21:53:23 by Stebo Stebo
_Exactly_ what a 4k intro should be. Technically sound, concentrates on one single scene and does it exceedingly well and sounds very nice. And is totally charming.
added on the 2008-07-20 22:57:53 by Preacher Preacher
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 22:58:20 by Preacher Preacher
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 23:34:13 by panic panic
Ooooh... one of the sweetest demos I have ever seen and in 4k even!!! And yes it must be inspired by that trentemoller videoclip. Well done!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 23:39:13 by Optimus Optimus
Didn't know it was 4k when I saw it, I thought it was 64k.. Awesome!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-20 23:55:04 by vame vame
awesome! and i LOVE the music!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 00:24:12 by substrate substrate
it starts like an Atrium 2 then it reminds me of my alltime favorite screensaver VoodooLights, THANKS YOU for this beauty!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 02:59:52 by Zest Zest
I love it, however I thought it went on for a bit too long for its content...though I still think it should've won the compo.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 05:49:45 by ferris ferris
magic *_* maybe the best song in 4k ever
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 06:37:39 by pera pera
great prod, liked it very much
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 06:47:48 by artanis artanis
very nice! exactly like flight404 though, but let it be thumb up anyway :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 08:37:44 by shadez shadez
reed: yeah, along with a nice amount of embedded trojans...
added on the 2008-07-21 08:42:44 by Jcl Jcl
awesome musics
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 09:22:58 by mad mad
nice music
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 10:07:43 by Jcl Jcl
my personal favourite. loved it very much, really pretty. doesn't feel like a 4k at all, could've been anything.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 10:34:17 by skrebbel skrebbel
Nicely done! Cool softsynth.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 10:57:41 by d3pth d3pth
me likes
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 10:58:30 by garble garble
so clean and cute you should have won a hug from everyone ..
rulezcdcadded on the 2008-07-21 11:15:19 by dwarf dwarf
Very nice. I don't like the music so much though, the sounds are nice but otherwise it doesn't make much sense to me.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 11:35:40 by Serpent Serpent
Doesn't even start for me, no errors, no nothing, and yes i have dx 36. XP 3200+, 256mb 9800XTD. Will wait for final and uncompressed version :)
added on the 2008-07-21 11:50:06 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
Intrisic: how long do you wait? - it takes some time to precalc (where only a black screen is shown)
added on the 2008-07-21 11:51:14 by Puryx Puryx
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 11:54:23 by mueslee mueslee
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 12:18:07 by response response
Nice and calming :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 14:13:38 by evilpaul evilpaul
Cut it down to half the length. Or make a screensaver version. =)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 14:48:40 by Sesse Sesse
This one reminds me a night few weeks ago: i was in a forest and i'd been caught by the falling of the sun. So, i was searching my way out through the darkened trees, when i saw dozen of firefly, glowing and dancing around me. It was so magic....
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 15:18:38 by untel untel
hypnotic and beautiful
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 15:27:38 by bfx bfx
Sweet stuff!! impressive!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 16:00:52 by magiciso magiciso
very nice
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 16:04:59 by Al3x4nd3r Al3x4nd3r
Rules, and I'm being sincere :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 16:15:17 by rbz rbz
i got no sound :(
visuals are too clean to fit the sound imho.
other than that, great concept.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 19:58:36 by psenough psenough
iq: O_o great video, suddenly this 4k feels alot more empty and uninteresting to me.
added on the 2008-07-21 20:02:57 by psenough psenough
That was nice.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 20:20:24 by xernobyl xernobyl
Good product, with a high-quality synthesizer and smooth effects. But... It's empty, boring. Several flying circle texture with some triangle stripes, rendered with blending is not what I expected from TBC. So... Is ok :)
added on the 2008-07-21 20:26:47 by stan_1901 stan_1901
nice one. soundtrack fits the visuals perfectly.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 20:31:20 by glow glow
Great soundtrack!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 20:38:11 by [self-ban] [self-ban]
I have come to the realization that the concept of 'lets make a quick/easy/simple release for party X to at least release "something"' just doesn't work for me.

This intro, as a few before it, ended up being good enough to show what it could have been, had it been done properly. Good enough to show that it doesn't live up to its own potential.

Now it just has this lukewarm feeling to it, which makes it hardly worth the trouble of making it in the first place.
I guess, I am just experiencing a typical case of the 'releaser's remorse'.

iq: Yes, this is basically a ripoff of the trentemøller video. I guess, we should have stated so more explicitly in the infofile.
added on the 2008-07-21 20:54:39 by mentor mentor
just makes me feel hmmmmmm.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 21:04:51 by twh twh
added on the 2008-07-21 21:43:43 by Cosmocat Cosmocat
classy stuff! Very nice song, synth and visuals. I'd love to see some sort of flickering small particles in between the bigger ones too. Like sparks in a fire. Can't have everything. Here is thumbz0r!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 22:11:40 by loaderror loaderror
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 22:25:31 by aha aha
The music is aces, and it has an all-through wonderfully relaxed flow. Moral winner in my book :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 22:28:36 by gloom gloom
rulezadded on the 2008-07-21 23:45:03 by 4kum4 4kum4
Beautiful !
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 00:23:01 by Bhl! Bhl!
Beautiful visuals, great tune. Didnt run on my laptop but my desktop ran it no probs
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 05:40:48 by rain_storm rain_storm
Amazing atmosphere. Perhaps my favourite 4k this year
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 10:31:48 by dairos dairos
Once you get into the mood of this one, you can watch (and hear!) it over and over again...
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 13:08:49 by Blueberry Blueberry
just cool
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 15:03:27 by Ized Ized
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 16:44:47 by seppjo seppjo
Very very nice.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 16:46:40 by kusma kusma
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 17:36:23 by Lazarus Lazarus
got da chance to view this one on a stronger machine than mine is.
it´s displaying it as nice there, as here :)

r.i.p. lemmus
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 18:49:53 by mEDiA sENtRY mEDiA sENtRY
just great work!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 20:13:17 by rudi rudi
Because of etanol I remember only fragments of this from the compo, and can't watch it again until i get to a proper machine... But judging by those fragments you probably should have won :)
rulezadded on the 2008-07-22 23:01:09 by Duckers Duckers
really really nice soundtrack.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-23 10:00:33 by smash smash
very nice to sleep to.
directx w/ appropriate updates here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=822640ab-0983-4c41-9c70 -632f6f42c557&displaylang=en
added on the 2008-07-24 00:11:16 by artanis artanis
here rather
added on the 2008-07-24 00:14:15 by artanis artanis
rulezadded on the 2008-07-24 00:58:30 by Premium Premium
great 4k!
the scene idea was nice.
and trax, fx are nice.
anyway great intro!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-24 06:01:59 by got got
I love it!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-24 10:25:02 by Pit Pit
no, I love it
rulezadded on the 2008-07-24 10:29:17 by ٩๏̯͡๏۶ ٩๏̯͡๏۶
For the people interested, here is the soundtrack as .mp3: http://www.puryx.dk/music/Puryx_-_Sincere.mp3

Feel free to add it as soundtrack to the production here at pouet.
added on the 2008-07-25 11:26:54 by Puryx Puryx
absolutely lo0øvely!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-25 11:56:41 by hornet hornet
Why this didn't win is beyond me.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-25 22:56:09 by datsua datsua
thanks !
rulezadded on the 2008-07-26 16:27:02 by XT95 XT95
It's not bad. A bit repetitive and long. Nice tune.
added on the 2008-07-26 17:03:57 by AntDude AntDude
Simple physics model, synced well to decent music, can't fail with blue and orange.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-26 21:43:40 by Insectecutor Insectecutor
nice and enjoyable
rulezadded on the 2008-07-26 23:13:31 by KHRoN KHRoN
video plz...
added on the 2008-07-27 12:30:52 by RRROAR RRROAR
Awesome 4k :)
soooooo relaxing and beautiful!
rulezadded on the 2008-07-30 09:43:40 by Axel Axel
yeah, nice work! I love the music
rulezadded on the 2008-07-30 17:09:15 by Happy-H Happy-H
voodoo lights .. now DATS SUM OLD MIDDLE SCHOOL
rulezadded on the 2008-07-31 07:29:29 by plonk420 plonk420
Relaxing and nicely done. Sweet 4k.
rulezadded on the 2008-07-31 13:36:24 by keops keops
now, this is what i call a superb 4k: a smart and slick effect which evolves niftily, combined with an excellent soundtrack.
rulezadded on the 2008-08-02 15:30:18 by a-move a-move
a bit too long.. still a beauty
rulezadded on the 2008-08-02 15:34:40 by malmix malmix
Awesome 4 k intro. Excellent progression, great music and design, great mood, cdc 4k.
rulezadded on the 2008-08-02 19:08:09 by wullon wullon
Great 4k!
rulezadded on the 2008-08-03 16:47:18 by sof_max sof_max
plz plz plz plzzzzzzz VIDEO plz plz plz plzzzzzzz
added on the 2008-08-03 17:39:54 by RRROAR RRROAR
link .. its on demoscene.tv
added on the 2008-08-03 17:51:38 by dwarf dwarf
Somehow the video on demoscene.tv is buggy - the "static" particles are missing in that video (havn't seen that bug before) - however I'm working on a video version that should be on capped.tv within the next couple of days :)
added on the 2008-08-03 23:34:21 by Puryx Puryx
And finally, here's a capped.tv link with static particles, yay! :)

added on the 2008-08-04 20:31:05 by Puryx Puryx
this is beautiful.
rulezadded on the 2008-08-05 20:40:28 by Sir Sir
I love it, so relaxing. Too bad the background stars doesn't appear on my computer, just like on demoscene.tv
rulezadded on the 2008-08-05 23:09:45 by MsK` MsK`
rulezadded on the 2008-08-05 23:23:08 by Optima Optima
What to say. This is so beautiful! <3
rulezadded on the 2008-08-06 20:22:05 by besh besh
beautiful effect and great soundtrack
rulezadded on the 2008-08-07 11:30:08 by prm prm
Gah! Incredible soundtrack.
rulezadded on the 2008-08-08 01:43:21 by parcelshit parcelshit
nicely executed!
rulezadded on the 2008-08-08 02:48:32 by thec thec
Love this 4k - the concept really fits with the restrictions and the track is simply beautiful.
rulezadded on the 2008-08-09 17:19:08 by Trenox Trenox
Beautiful in every way.
rulezadded on the 2008-08-12 19:44:07 by Mystra Mystra
holy moly!
rulezadded on the 2008-08-13 20:55:54 by muh muh
Same as a-move. Lovely.
rulezadded on the 2008-09-03 16:01:09 by bdk bdk
Damn cool.
rulezadded on the 2008-09-03 21:40:31 by Pirx Pirx
nice! awesome music for 4k, and the whole thing just feels good
rulezadded on the 2008-09-06 15:16:30 by morten morten
rulezadded on the 2008-09-20 15:56:45 by iks iks
i feel the <3!
rulezadded on the 2008-11-16 07:24:56 by polygon polygon
a bit too mellow for my tastes but ofcoz a nice concept and very well executed as always :)
rulezadded on the 2008-11-28 04:47:53 by hArDy. hArDy.
This is very cute! =)
rulezadded on the 2008-12-26 22:16:29 by Aasemoon Aasemoon
rulezadded on the 2009-01-05 18:38:10 by T$ T$
rulezadded on the 2009-01-11 03:23:09 by pahamoka pahamoka
rulezadded on the 2009-02-01 13:00:25 by RRROAR RRROAR
very pretty
rulezadded on the 2009-02-25 09:19:51 by blackpawn blackpawn
flawless beauty
rulezadded on the 2009-03-13 20:54:25 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
anyone who can take simplicity to this lengths deserves absolute respect from everyone.

we REALLY shouldnt have won the compo :(
rulezadded on the 2009-03-14 19:02:18 by Gargaj Gargaj
so true gargaj, i adore this 4k, its gets better and better everytime i see it..
added on the 2009-03-14 21:32:02 by dwarf dwarf
A brilliant combination of a fantastic music with a nice effect! Amazing 4k!
rulezadded on the 2009-03-16 23:43:08 by xoofx xoofx
I love the simple nature of this one, it really really speaks to me. I can see myself get lost within a static proximity amazed by this little beauty. It's truly sincere... I am truly sincere...
rulezadded on the 2009-03-16 23:59:33 by decipher decipher
Nice and relaxing trip.
rulezadded on the 2009-04-15 11:56:10 by Wuwu Wuwu
awesome colors!
rulezadded on the 2009-05-02 14:07:11 by stOPHER stOPHER
rulezadded on the 2009-07-04 13:59:58 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
Maybe relatively simple technically, but very artistic, relaxing, hypnotic. Great work.
rulezadded on the 2009-07-17 22:49:51 by Shiru Shiru
rulezadded on the 2009-08-22 14:17:46 by main main
Doesn't work under Win7 :-(((((
rulezadded on the 2009-09-17 22:26:24 by vampire7 vampire7
With the new Crinkler, we can recompress the .exe, and now it's working with Win7 ! :-)))))
added on the 2009-09-18 01:42:38 by vampire7 vampire7
lovely little production
rulezadded on the 2010-04-26 16:12:16 by neptun neptun
Oooof, gotta love it.
rulezadded on the 2010-04-30 22:07:27 by phobium phobium
beautiful <3
rulezadded on the 2010-05-18 12:15:23 by nekomono nekomono
rulezadded on the 2010-07-26 01:48:42 by RufUsul RufUsul
rulezadded on the 2010-09-23 09:19:34 by clockcyclez clockcyclez
mentor: thanks man.
added on the 2010-09-23 09:35:03 by gloom gloom
This is a beauty and the music is soo mellow. Thanks guys.
rulezadded on the 2010-10-28 08:24:22 by Corial Corial
Beautiful to watch - Love the music, very harmonic 4k :)
rulezadded on the 2011-01-06 14:19:13 by SaphirJD SaphirJD
really cute, and lovely music :)
rulezadded on the 2011-01-06 14:38:09 by rez rez
calming and minimalistic beautiful, great music
rulezadded on the 2011-11-15 11:08:05 by scooper22 scooper22
Excellent, but the dl link for the win7 version is dead
rulezadded on the 2012-02-28 20:23:49 by Frequent Frequent
Superb music and smooth visuals. One of my all time favorites. We need a reUpp of the WIN7 Version please !
rulezadded on the 2012-05-08 01:34:28 by Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
pure love :D
rulezadded on the 2012-08-08 12:30:16 by Mithaldu Mithaldu
looks and sounds good :)
rulezadded on the 2012-09-03 00:42:37 by cherri kandler cherri kandler

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