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                     Released -  April 5, 1999

                  At the Error In Line convention

Hardware requirements:

 -  An ST, STe, MegaST, MegaSTe, TT or Falcon. Perhaps other 
    machines with psg/mfp/stlow resolutions can show it as well.
    Not tested with emulators.

 -  2mb RAM. Yeps you read correct, if your old ST only have
    0.5 or 1 meg ram, it can't run this demo.

 -  It's tested with TT and Centurbo II using FastRam, and it
    works well and framerate is boosted.

Software requirements:

 -  None, it runs from TOS, MagiC, MiNT, Geneva. Falcons can have
    screen expanders enabled etc, it should work fine from any
    circumstances. Well, not Linux ;)

Known Bugs:

 -  With FastRam machines (CT2/TT) and MiNT (N.AES) there is a
    crash when exiting. This suggests there is a bug in the demo
    somewhere. If/when I know what is causing this, an update
    will be available.


 -  Well certainly most problems will come from 1mb users
    promptly trying to get it running. Don't bother, it !DOES!
    need approx 1.7mb free ram!

 -  With FastRam, DO NOT enable malloc-alt flag! The malloc()
    call is used for reserving screen-memory and it is totally
    forbidden having this in FastRam! I would have used mxalloc()
    but it is not included with TOS 1.xx. The load-alt should
    be enabled for best framerate though!

 -  Falcon users with VGA might have problems with double-vbl 
    interupts, we suggest you download the twinsync patch program
    if you have such problems. Notice! This only affects Falcon
    with certain VGA monitors, if you have RGB or ST/STe/TT there
    is no such problem. This is not an error of this demo, but
    a known hardware problem with the Falcon. It can also be fixed
    rather easily hardware-wise.

 -  With ST(f/m/fm) machines, there are interlaced palettes to emulate
    4096 colours. This does flicker quite a bit, and we recomend that
    you run the monitor at 60 Hz for less flicker.


 -  Pictures, logos and raytraced animation:  

 -  Main music: 
    Mc Laser

 -  End music: 

 -  FPU precalculation (offsettable):

 -  Textures/design/code:


 -  E-mail:

 -  Homepage:


 -  The authours of this demo take no responsibility for any
    hardware, software, brains, eyes, ears damaged! You are
    running it at your own risk.


 -  Do whatever you want with it. Coverdisks, CDROMS, FTP archives,
    BBSes, commercial sales... We don't care. The sourcecode will
    be released when it has been cleaned up a bit and if anyone
    asks for it.

Last words:

 -  Well, now before you start the demo, don't hope too much! It's
    not a groundbreaker demo at all. Most stuff are things I did
    on Falcon before, and you have probably seen it already.

 -  That's it, E-Mail us if you have any comments! Feedback is
    always welcome no matter if it's positive or negative!

 -  Mc Laser says he is sorry he didn't had time to write any
    scrolltext, and continues: "If you want music, contact me
    at mc_laser@atari.org".

               Some freeze by the good old days fading
                Some give up to the shady attraction
             But a few realise the good days are present

                             Cream 1999

                     never give up - stay atari