Legomania by Doomsday


If you're reading this it means we made the deadline. Several weeks-months-years of pain and agony are behind us. 

Some desperately needed features are missing, see you in the final version.

Four legobrothers are: Dice, Wode, MRI, FireStorm. 
And don't forget the evil mastermind behind demopaja : Memon/Moppi.

Credits are as follows:

* MRI ... Programming "Vivian 3D", realtime OpenGL, Lightwave 7.5+ Scene Player Plugin for Moppi Demopaja

* Dice .. 3D Modeling, graphics, textures, animation.

* Wode .. Synchronization, animation, graphics, textures

* FireStorm .. Soundtrack, synchronization

* Memon ... Moppi Demopaja & Misc. Bugfixes

All material in this demo is selfmade. All the objects, textures, music etc. were made entirely by the infamous doomsday crew. 

Fuckings to Nilkki Pesonen

Doomsday doesn't have a website. We make demos, not html.

Send your thoughts about this product to following emails:

MRI - mats.byggmastar@multi.fi
Dice - dice@sunpoint.net
Wode - wode@iki.fi
FireStorm - paaltio@siba.fi
Memon - memon@inside.org

Go get the latest demopaja http://moppi.inside.org/demopaja/ and make demos yourself.

Signing off,


doomsday - without particles since 1993