duotone by Deus Ex Machina [web] & Threepixels [web]

<insert demo name here>

by threepixels and dxm with gueststars from machina supremacy

full credits:
pictures - flood from noice
dezin/3d - trace from threepixels
music - robert from machinae supremacy
buggy crappy shitty pityful awfull horrible code - stefan from deus ex machina

was supposed to be made in a week but due to alot of work for a living by
stefan and trace this didnt get enough attention, but expect a final :-)

somewhere in the demo i think

needed config:
a machine cabable of hw t&l
this demo uses indexed colors for cartoonalike rendering and perhaps not all
cards supports this kind of ramping, however most cards do in 32BPP..

flames/pr0nspam/becomeapreastspam - stefan@ukscene.org
gaypr0n - trace@threepixels.org
cool music - www.machinaesupremacy.com
cool party - www.underscore.sh