Space Invaders by Spöntz [web]

Space Invaders
Version 1.0 - build 0A72 - April 10, 2004

Contact email: us@spontz.org
Web site: www.spontz.org

The purpose of this demo is simple: we want to contribute to BreakPoint 
2004 with this  small (Not in size but in time) Macintosh demo. This is 
our way of give thanks for our nomination for the Breakthrough 
Performance prize for die Anderung. Thanks for all and for taking a look 
to this prod =)

Tired. This is the word that better defines the state in which we 
currently are. Merlucin at the keyboard. It's 6:30AM here in Spain and I 
just ended the compilation of this version of the demo. Pinza and DeeKay 
are in the party (BreakPoint 2004) waiting for the final version, I 
expect internet to be working without interruption while I upload... 
taking into accound my line's history it will be something like a miracle 
or so

At this time, MadGoblin should be drinking in a bar while Kolian and 
Ximac are sleeping (separated). I don't know what Pinza and DeeKay will 
be doing but nothing good :D

So, time to sleep. Thanks one more time.

The Spontz Team

Minimum System requirements
- G4 processor (G5 recommended)
- MacOS X.2 or better plus a good 3D card (16Mb of RAM, 32+ recommended)
- 384Mb of RAM
- Panoramic screen (optional)