Eon by Andromeda Software Development [web]


	by ASD

        presented at ReAct 2004.

        Awakening  Gods  in  a  withering  time,
        and all time vibrates to their presence.
  ~~~<who to blame>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                  navis   code
              amoivikos   graphics
                 amusic   music

  ~~~<to stand the test of time>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        eon requires an OpenGL capable graphics
        card and a quite  decent CPU. The level
        of decency is highly  dependant on your
        level of modesty. (To sum it up, better
        machine, better performance)

        eon is the fruit of one days hard labor
        excluding food, sleep and toilet breaks

  ~~~<time is of no essence for>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

        nlogn, deus, stravaganza, cocoon, orion,
        threepixels, nasty bugs, quadra, thelab,
        the scenerep team,     northern dragons,
        reversed engineers, two headed squirrel,
        the former nextempire, inf,  jobo,   ps,
        adok,   pixtur,   diamondie,  leviathan,
        staticline, ithaqua, diver, tomcat, and,
        the monostep support group.

                             asdrevived 2004

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         we brought squirrels...