raistlin's message box #6 by Anarchy & Flash Production

*  anarchy message box  -  issue six  *
---   released during the month of  ---
---             may 1991            ---
          coding   -   kreator    
       raindrops   -   kreator
            logo   -   mystik
           music   -   nuke
            font   -   mystik
            text   -   various
         editing   -   judge drokk
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welcome    to   issue  6  of  anarchy"s
irregular    periodical..   messagebox!
this edition  of  message  box  is  the
biggest  yet   and  contains   messages
from  bomber,  mediator,  mystik,  mole
4-mat,nuke and me.  also this  issue is
anarchy  product  news,  a message  for
crackers, and  some  useful  infomation
for  anyone  who  buys p.d software, as
well  as  the   famous   anarchy member
list, and  some  cool  addresses.   the
next message  box  will  be released in
approximatly  eight  weeks,  and stolen
data  six  will be out sometime in may!
firstly  a  general  message  to anyone
about  to  write   to  4-mat   to  swap
demos,   samples   ect.   ........dont!
4-mat is  extremly  busy  writing  game
sountracks  across all machines and has
no time  for  swapping  or  replying to
people  so please understard this!   if
you want  to contact an english anarchy
musician   then  contact nuke,   cosmos
or   purple om,   their  adresses  will
appear  towards the end of this message
box. so do the   right thing and  write
to   the  right man!.  right man?! also
check out  some vital s.d adresses too!
now heres  a little warning to  any u.k
guys who buy from   p.d   distributers.
one  such  company  called  3rd base pd
is one i  strongly  suggest  you avoid.
a guy from  an  english  group supplied
this guy with  1500 disks  of  demos to
get  his  company  of the  ground.  not
only did this guy  copy  1500  disks he
also  supplied  the   disks  themselves
under the understanding that  he  would
receive payment for  the  disks  and  a
sum for the actual  labour  of  copying
the 1500 disks (not an easy task!)   he
received  a cheque  but  only  for half
the sum  he  was  supposed  to recieve,
when he  took the cheque to the bank he
discovered  it  had been  canceled.  he
rang the  p.d company owner and he said
he didnt  like the  demos  so  he wasnt
paying  him and would send him the 1500
disks  back.   well that was two  weeks
ago and  nothing has been  heard since,
so you can asume the worst! so remember
this  name  ...3rd base p.d, and beware
of the scum  that  runs  this  rip  off
outfit. if you  wanna  call 3rd base pd
and tell them  what you think about  pd
companies   (and  him  especialy)  then
call  him on  this no. - 44 911 3114165
ask for  gregory james,  and give him a
good telling off.    now onto something
new...  a   message  to  all  crackers,
coming soon  from code masters  is  the
amiga  conversion   of   the   neat  64
game ...tilt!  now this may seem an odd
request but i'm asking all crackers  to
give this one a miss.  basicly  because
the coder of this  game  is  kreator of
anarchy, this being his debut  game  on
the  amiga he  would like  it to  be  a
sales-wise  success,   so   show   your
respect to him by giving  tilt  a miss!
---------------------------------------messages from judge drokk
well everybody  who's got  messages  in
this edition of  message box  has  sent
some internal greetings so  i'll  start
the same way.. just to be boring!

kreator (anarchy)
good luck with your final exams, i hope
those years of intense labour  paid off
in your favour! i  also  cant  wait  to
see the final version  of tilt  either,
the preview  a  saw  at your house  was

4-mat (anarchy)
i just loved your  soundtrack on  chuck
rock, good luck  with  sonic  projects!
with you  now  on  keyboard  structural
damage will be in a new dimension!

teeze (anarchy)
hej! teeze,  wow  i  spoke  a  word  of
swedish!, pretty soon  i'll be  burping
farting and  drinking  coke  just  like
you!   bah.. bad habits!  but who gives
a shit eh!  ho ho!

mole (anarchy)
hey adrian!  your  image  realy puzzles
me! your a heavy metal man, and yet you
have short sweet blond  hair,  your   a
"mean biker"  in a  "bad black leather"
and yet you cant get more than  38  mph
from your machine! weird! 
mystik & mediator (anarchy)
i'll never get over how  you  fell  for
my little joke just before  our  party!
you abvoiusly  live  a  very  sheltered
life   in   the   south   of   england!
although i  must  say  alan,  tits have
never fallen our  for  me  before!  you
lucky bastard!                         pinhead (anarchy)
i'm glad you  made  it  safely  out  of
hospital!  although  i  bet  the  sight
of  your huge  package  pile up  nearly
sent  you  back  inside  with  a  heart
attack!  by  the  way,  the  tea  wasnt
damaged in the post,  bomber  drank it!
go  round  to  his house  and  see  his
cheeky "guilty" grin!  he! he!

bomber (anarchy)
here it is at last!  i  must  apologise
the delay in sending you  this  message
box,  (and  this  package)  but  i  was
waiting  for  some  messages,  and here
they are!  stay cool and keep smokin'!  nuke and cosmos (anarchy)
good luck with your search  for  a  new
job martin!, and good luck to  you  rob
with those dreaded exams!  i'm  sure ya
will pull through! i  love  "sky drift"
martin and "irrivocable" rob!!

dan and kris (anarchy)
good luck   with  the  "you  know what"
(let   the   public  wonder.. he   he!)
oh, dan  mat  says  hi and send  up the
game preview!

bruno (anarchy)
this message comes from 4-mat  via  me,
and is a big "hi!"                     now some special greets and messages to
some other good friends..
dr.awesome (crusaders)
hi bjorn! its always nice to hear  from
you and to receive your great releases!
bass-o-matic was smashing!  but  are ya
sure ya arn't a member of walkman?(he!)
skywalker (specials of quartex)
hi crazy guy! i never realized you  did
the paradox beach volley demo, but i do
now.. wow!  so, you want to be me  hmm?
maybe i should  have  told  you  i'm  a
transvestite!, still feel the same! he!
traitor (quartex)
send me your address!, i have lost it!!

apache (vertigo)
send  again  soon  friend,  it seems so 
long  since  last   time!  hard  school 
times eh? hope ya post trouble is over!

hunter (no-limits)
nice  sendings!   keep   them   coming!
and always send your new packs!

vulture (catastrophie)
gook luck   in  your   new  group, your
were    right   about   triumph   being
non productive, a wise move!           the hulmerist (slipstream)
hi bren!, thanks  for  the  long  funny 
letters,    wacky   badges,   stickers, 
posters, and more  recently  the  great 
t-shirt!  i'll send you the  video when
i get it back, and thats a promise!

sabbath (agile)
keep up the great sendings, and one day
will get round to leaving you a message
on your  message box,  unless  it  dies 

biscrok (subway)
send me your address cos  i  cant  find
it anywhere!

frap (magnetic fields)
i   hope you get compensation from  3rd
base  p.d,   in   blood  if  neccesary!
keep up those cool sendings!

the surfer (next)
thanks for the great  sendings and your
high quality products! i  look  forward
to seeing "the wall" soon!!

nosferatu (razor 1911)
hey send me your demo when its finished
man!, will ya start full  time  trading 
again after that? 
stookie (dual crew)
hey cool  guy!,  always fast  and  cool
trainers  from you!  will  we  ever see
the return of "smooth criminal"??

defcon 5 (supplex)
after a long break you  returned, yeah!
and what a nice suprise!  dont go  away
from the scene again! 

yawron (giants)
send much faster!,  at this rate i will
have gray hair by your third sending!!!

paranoid (zero defects)
did  you   enjoy  jim morrisons grave?? appolo (midnight sun)
send  faster  guy!,  your  another grey
hair inducer at the moment!

magnum (no-limits)
hey magnum! where did ya go? send  back

zigor (punishers)
hello my new  friend!  i look forward to
the "modeming" article from ya! 

mnemonic (psuedo ops)
do you think  you'll  ever finish  your
multi-part demo?  maybe if you actually
started it it may stand a chance! (he!) i must also send fine  regards to these
smooth individuals!

no.5, cozy,  dextrous, wizoid, &  spook
(magnetic  fields),    aztech  &  empty
(anthrox),  intreq  (modesty),    ghoul
(shadows), phobia, adec,  hyde(complex)
fast eddie (archaos),   pod(slipstream)
zarch of zarch, anz(it was very nice to
see madness ii on the cu  amiga  disk!)
zark  (triangle 3532)  edison  (motion)
madshitbrain (jetset), igor,executioner 
del,  purple om,   mr.mad,   joker   of
network  and everybody else everywhere! 
i   send   a   big   welcome   also  to 
our new danish member "science"!                  
messages from bomber
          - mr.big (anarchy) -
i think ya are very  lazy. i have sended
you allready  three letters  but i never
got one back. be faster man!
       - judge drokk (anarchy) -
thanx for  all ya sendings ( and for the
tea !) we have tested it but  we prefere
our german ones (he,he).
           - dan (anarchy) -
do ya enjoy  ya popularity in sweden ? i
know these feelings very well (he,he).it
was great with ya and odeon that evening
i love  ya basic-pussy-fractal (ha,ha) !

          - mole (anarchy) -
hello adrian ! i think ya are one of the
best swappers from the uk scene(which is
normaly very lame!) cool to have ya as a
friend. one tip for ya and ya motor-bike
dont  drink and  drive... mtv... (he,he)
          - teeze (anarchy) -
hallo mutterficker ! i know ya dont like
this message-box but i  dont care coz it
is cool to write  his messages in a real
demo ! good luck with ya telephone-bill.
          - mystik (anarchy) -
nice calls wih ya. hope ya can help me a
bit with my shit and ugly graphic-style!
hope they will be publish-worth sometime
           - mosh (anarchy) -
hope ya drinker-demo will be ready soon!
it was nice  to met you (and ofcause all
the other anarchy-members on the easter-
     - johnny (no group, driver) -
you are a  realy funny guy. we had a lot
of fun with the school-wardrobes(dan had
the best ideas,i think!)hope we can meet
again  somewere (but  only if there  are
some wardrobes !!
    - hit and rubberboy (anarchy) -
good luck with ya  multi-part-demo. the
preview looks good. 
also greetings to all anarchy-members i
saw at our party.                     
          - galaxy (elysion) -
good luck with ya new group.also greets
to dr.gassu, zecco and ex-mr.ozzo.
           - tsm (action) -
you are realy a lucky guy. first i only
wanted you as a  seller but now you are
one of my best friends. if we and flash
prod. wont  make the  party then i will
help you to make yours (action-anarchy)
      - jaxx (flash productions) -
hey lars, dont  work to  much at mts! i
hope you can finish ya demos very soon.
also greets  to the other  3 flash-prod
members in germany.

          - jbm (dual crew) -
thank  you  my friend for  spreading  my
packs on some swedish boards.you help me
a lot with it. shit that ya  were not be
able to come  to our party. hope to meet
ya someday.
         - wild rage (grace) -
your letters are  always very funny.keep
them up. but i  think you should  join a
better group.
          - jafy (hysteria) -
thanx for the nice letters.hope ya like
my photo. (uuaahh, ugly!!) my photo was
printed now in the eurochart and razors
slide-show and take my own-made photo.i
am  always  looking different (hair...)
        - ride (no group) -
it was a good decision to  leave scoopex
if  i was you i would  join crystal  but
you have to choose for yourself.
         - traitor (quartex) - 
good luck  with ya first demo.it is nice
that quartex also can make demos.
        - bustman (crusaders) -
i never said that i  (or teeze) can  get
modems  for free. i  dont know  who told
you this shit but it is not true !

         - stranger (horizon) -
heh andreas, the  half of your disks are
allways broken. please check them.
     - aggressar (cryptoburners) -
i only say,shit post! your letter is now
over 2 weeks on its way. perhaps it will
never get it!
         - axel (brainstorm) -
why are you so slow with ya letters ????
   remember guys that the german plk
  system will be abolished in a couple
            of months time.

messages from mystik
ho!  loadsa bullshit this time,but only
just to say 'hi' to these cool friends.

hi to all  anarchy members! here are
some messages to various members :-

kreator - nice speaking to you on the 
phone the other day,just give the word
and i'll start some graphics...

drokk - stay cool,write long letters
and phone more regularly!
dan - hopefully the music-disk should be
cool,i'll have to wait for some designs
off of nuke before i really get started!

mediator - the game really  plays well
now,i've just gotta do some graphics!

mr.big - i haven't heard much from you
lately john...maybe i'll come and visit
you and mark if i pass my driving test!

kris - cheers for the money,now i can
get my monitor (yeah!) and call me if
ever you need anything else.

igor - c'mon draw some more nice

nuke - hope the job hunting is going
well! and we're glad to have you and rob
in anarchy.i'll be watching the 

cosmos - i really liked 'eat-m',maybe 
it's time you did something else like

bomber - cool letters off of you! make
sure that you type them all!!! (hahaha)

teeze - hey,give me a call sometime, and
always remember i'm only a phonecall
away if any of our scandinavian coders
need graphics.

4-mat - hope all is going well for you
in the games world!!

now for some messages to non-anarchists

all of ipec elite-nice of you lot to 
vote,but havok is still the best artist
in the u.k........

kilroy of sanity-sorry for the delays in
the past but i'm a lazy bastard and very
busy these days (nothing unusual?)

reward of scoopsex stunnland-hmmm,so i 
finally got to taste karjala!(yeah!)
you'll have to see some heritage of the
u.k. when you come to the e.c.e.s.....

uno of scoopsex-hopefully by now sami
should have mentioned something about
the slideshow i'm organizing,please
wait for more news.....

mungo of anthrox-yeah! cool phonecall
what is your bill like after you make
2.5 hour phone-calls???

krest of fuckall-getting in a decent
group should be no problem for someone
as talented as you.......

bustman of crusaders-hope all goes well
for you in the future......

adec-i thought you were a pretty good 
artist,with competent,original ideas
(unlike me!)....so why the fuck did you
(obviously) take one of my fonts,and add


an extra line at the bottom,before 
crediting yourself for it !!!! oh,and i
advise you to talk to a coder about how
the copper works....

lynx of s.a.e.-cheers for writing,i hope
we can continue 'swapping' for the years
to come.....

one last message-i'll now be doing the 
graphics reviews for 'stolen data',
so if you have anything for review then
don't hesitate to write to me at

alan rogers
16 carroll gdns   (   no swappers  )
larkfield         (    only s.d    )
aylesford         ( reviews please )
me20 6nq


messages from nuke
oy you mat!  nice talks over the last 
couple of weeks! -pitty there were no
parcels involved!!!

well mate buy the time this gets out
we will be pissed out of our brains!

yo alan,have you been away?? i called
you but there was no answer !?!?!

bruno (anarchy)
nice to talk to you on the phone, it
cost me stacks of money!!!!

dan (anarchy)
thanx for the sendings they were cool!
hope you enjoyed yourself in sweden.

judge drokk (anarchy)
well mate you talked me back into 
anarchy! hope you like my new tunes.

mr.big (anarchy)
i hope drokk copied ya my tunes,did he?

kreator (anarchy)
sorry about the quick phone call but
i was mega depressed - never mind!

raistlin (no-group)
nice to talk to you on the phone!

mediator (anarchy)
nice system violation demo, make
some more half pint!!

mole (anarchy)
yo adrian ahem!!!  i am more sillier
than rob, so there!                   

well thats it for this  time  from  me!
i hope you enjoy  my   tune   in   this
messagebox! oh, one more  thing. as  of 
the next  issue  of  stolen data,  i'll
be handling the music  reviews  section
so  send  your  tunes   to  me  at  the
below.  the   three   most  outstanding 
tunes appear in the  magazine. write to

 17 malvern walk
 coundon               (no regular) 
 bishop aukland     (swappers please!)
 co. durham
 dl14 8jr

mediators messages
mnemonic - pseudo ops :  
hope i got your  group name  right....!
don't    forget   to   send   the  demo
previews   ( you know,  the   ones  you
won't   show   drokk   or   big  before
they're  finished... he he!)

jawbreaker - razor 1911 : 
hi! your  preview   was  very cool! let
me know what  you  think of my  game so 
far. well   theres not much else to say
here which   can't be said in a letter!

judge drokk - anarchy :  
ok! so   we're   not  meant  to  put a
message  to   each  other  in  our  own
anarchy message  box, but i think  this 
message is   important:  don't   forget
to put  stuff on the  disks   when  you
send them!   (try  loading  x-copy   or 
something!).  (oooh!   you're not going
to  hear  the    end  of   this  one!!)
(he he he!!!).  (just joking!)


messages from mole
hi! well this message box is big enough
already, so  i'll  keep my  crap  to  a
minimum, so here we go! 

nuke and cosmos (anarchy) - thanks alot
for the zany  call  earlier!  hey nuke!
sorry to  here  about  you  losing your
job!  never mind i'm sure you  can find
a    more    interesting    job!! (like
sweeping the roads!).

jaffa (crystal) - yo  ho cool dude, the
beer   club   sounds  cooool!! keep  on
drinking!   and remember  there  can be
only one ....... beer! 

bomber (anarchy) - whats happnin' about
the  modems then??  keep  those bensons
coming!! see ya in the summer, i'm sure
you will like bournemouth!!

lazerbrain (crusaders) -     hi  ronny!
haven't  heard  from  you  in a  while,
hows   the   board   going?  some  nice
productions from you lot! i'm  glad  we
sorted out that problem!

mister video (sprint) - good  luck with
the new group, sorry  for my  delay  in
replying,stay cool, speak to ya soon!

trix (rebels) - its  cool  that  you've
joined rebels, see  you  at  the summer
conference until  then keep on  sending
that nice stuff !

4-mat (anarchy) - did jesus really lose
his   key-fob   on  the  escalator   to

execuitioner (betrayal) - sorry i  aint
called you for ages,hope the  board  is
going well, speak to ya soon. 

meegosh (rebels) - have  you  seen  the
elephant recentley?

defcon 5 (supplex) - long time, no send
did you get my last package?

zorlac (dual crew) - modems  are  good, 
but they  cant replace mail-trading,how
much  skill  is  their in  downloading?
what do you think?

the specials (quartex) - keep cracking!
looking   foward  to  the  "new image"!

stu (mirage) - lets hope the p.o probby
is over, i wonder  who  it  was?  carry
on sending,maybe one day dan will write
back to you (probably...) 

thats it  for  this  time, i'll  be  at
dexion/crb/fairlight party this summer,
so if your going your bound to meet me!

here are some various anarchy addresses

elite u.k traders write to either......

 9 back lane west     49 kirkstall rd
     royston          new lodge estate
     barnsley            barnsley
     sth.yorks           s.yorks
     s71 4rz             s71 4rz
     england             england

 38 gladelands way * only u.k  guys  to
   broadstone      * the    above   two
   dorset          * addresses  please!
   bh18 9jb        * musical   contacts
   england!        * on next page.....

if  you  want  to  contact  an  anarchy 
musician wrie to these addresses..

 purple om            nuke
 28 thornhill house   17 malvern walk
 thornhill rd         coundon
 london               bishop auckland
 n1 1pa               co. durham   
 england              england

 cosmos              * these addresses
 21 west park        * are   only  for 
 coundon             * music   related
 bishop auckland     * interests.   no
 co. durham          * game   or  demo
 england             * swappers please

if you want to send a peice of work for
review in the stolen  data gallery then
send it to this address....

    mystik (gallery)
    16 carrol gardens
    me20 6nq

 to submit tunes  to  the  stolen  data
 music review  section  write  to  nuke
 who's  address  was on  the   previous

the anarchy member list        (england)
judge drokk........... managment,swapper
mr big.................managment,swapper
purple om.......................musician
mole.........................mail trader

wu li.......................coder,artist

bomber.....................elite swapper
pinhead....................elite swapper



well here are again,  its the last page!
thank you for reading this  edition   of
messagebox.  if   you  didnt  receive  a
message  this  time,  well  dont   worry
the next one will be along  in  about  6
weeks. if you want to call our  board in
sweden "the d-jungle" the numer to  dial
is .. +46 920 59404.   feel   free    to
upload articles  for  stolen data, issue
6 is due for release  during  the  first
half  of  this  month.  until  the  next
issue   of  this  irregular  periodical.
i  leave    you   with   this   thought.
 89 percent of  men  write with  a  ball
point pen.    what do  the rest  do with
it?                     .....judge drokk