Blastersound BBS (2) by iguana [web]

³     NFO file for the BLASINTR intro version 0.0  -  August 19th, 1993       ³
 Hi everyone!

 What you have here is the little intro I coded upon request by Miguel, sysop
of the world-famous BBS Blastersound. I did this in about 3 days, so don't
expect the best intro ever. Odds are that Miguel didn't like it (he wanted CDs
flying and morphing into characters to form the banners!), so I've decided to
place this code in the public domain, so that anybody can see the effect and
study the ASM code to produce it. So here you have the original intro, with an
info file (this!) to tell you some things.

 There are two things I would study in this intro, the rest is bullshit. The
first and most important is the Bresenham algorithm that drives the points. It
is an original idea of the Arevalo bros, slightly retouched. The fact that
makes it so amazing (at least to me) is that it uses a technique that achieves
not having to jump, wich speeds it up in a 80x86, and not having to
special-case lines of any kind: horizontal, vertical and pure diagonal lines
are handled by the very same code as the rest, that is completely bizarre to
see on a PC. And the other thing is a lot least interesting, but quite useful.
I learnt it from an introduction to starfields, by Draeden/VLA. It is a kind of
random numbers that are really shuffled numbers. Here, I use it to choose the X
coordinate of the points upon their creation. The result is nice, isn't it?

 So here you have. Do whatever you want with this font (it's PD, remember?),
but it would not be very nice to change just the text and use it for anything.
You know what courtesy is, I expect. The source code is here so that you learn
the techniques, mainly to spread the not-jumping-Bres by the Arevalo brothers,
of which I think it's, after the wheel, one of the great inventions of human
beings :-)

 So, you can see I got an alias, and that I've joined the great guys at Iguana.
I'll be working with them in the next demos :-) (Greetings to all o'them).

 Now, go! and start studying the source code!

 So long, and thanks for all the fish!

 Yann/Iguana     AKA. Jon Beltran de Heredia