ProTracker V3.62 by Osiris (amiga)

Short:        ProTracker3.62 year 2000 fix
Author:       ttlvrt@usa.net
Uploader:     ttlvrt@usa.net
Type:         mus/edit

I found that ProTracker 3.62 (PT) crashes when the system date contains
year 2000. PT shows system date in format DD-MMM-YY and in case of YY
equals to 00 PT crashes.
So I fixed this and now PT shows date in format DD-MMM-YYYY. Due to this
fix I had to do little change of the IFF-MOD structure, where the year was
stored only in two digits number and now there is stored whole year. I hope
that this small change has no influence on IFF-MOD compatibility, only the
creation date of IFF-MOD could be shown incorrectly in some programs.

Jan Poruba