Viping by NoID (pc)

.STACK 200h
    name db "Viping by NoID ***PARTY-VERSION***$"

Made in a hurry and crashes on just about every system..
We've been trying to fix it, but we can't find the
memory leak and there's under one hour to deadline so... :(

If this piece of SHIT ever gets to the big screen, we'll try
to fix the bugs (95% of the demo code :)) and make a final
version that will probably run on more than one machine :)

Anyway... because it's so fucking unstable and dangerous,
don't blame us when it short circuits your motherboard. Run
it at your own risk!

Anyway, we can be contacted here:

Preacher - marttin@mail.htk.fi
Quark - oskari.simola@mail.htk.fi
Vulture - mikkoantero@rocketmail.com
Hq - heikki.holstila@virpi.net
Staros - staros@iobox.fi
Mr. Moon - santtu@uutiset.com
Shr-T - shorty@gnwmail.com
Disk0 - heikki.kuljukka@kolumbus.fi