tEL'ARAN'RHIOd (Dreamworld 2) by Giants

           ______________._                                         .......
             _.______    ¡/                                 ........:...  :
             \¡         /|                           _____  :       :..:..:
 _____________|_       __|_______________      _____/    /__:_________ :
 \__   ________/       \___________ \_   \ .___\___     _____/   ____/_:_
   /   \__     \         /  ______/  /   \\|      /    /     \_________  \
  /_______\     \       /___________/_____\\     /____________\pnt________\
           \_____\       |                 \____/      .....:...       :
              |        __!_                            :    :..:.......:
           ___!_         ¡                             :.......:







                               (dREAMWORLd 2)

 With only three hours left until the demo deadline here at Summer
 Computer Conference we decided to make a demo after all. In theese
 three hours Tel'Aran'Rhiod took shape and you now have it in your
 hands. ( Or soon will if you are reading the .readme on Aminet... )

 If you are wondering about the name ( as Wizard and Orbit are... )
 it's taken from "The Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan,
 Tel'aran'rhiod is a "dreamworld" or "a world of dreams".


                        Code:     Wizard

                        Music:    Millennium

                        Graphics: Orhan

                        Design:   Hawk

                        Ascii:    Point of Apathy


                        The AGA-chipset
                        Motorola 68020
                        Some Fastram


 1. Get a hold of the gts-scc97.lha archive.
 2. Don't notice this subliminal message forcing you to send all
    your money to Hawk.
 3. Unpack the archive into one drawer.
 4. Vote for Hawk as leader of the world.
 5. Run the gts-scc97.exe file.
 6. Vote for us in all the charts.

Giants is looking for more skilled people, mostly Coders and Graphicians
but also musicians and raytracers. Do you possess any of theese skills?
Then send some examples of your work to me, ( Antibyte, Azure, Confidence,
Eft, Equalizer, Lazur, Offa, Rendall, Scout and Zig does not need
to send any examples of their work... ;D )

                       Hawk of Ambrosia^Darkage^Giants


                             Niklas Jonsson
                             715 92 St.Mellosa

Don't forget to register your copy of A/NES, send your money to
me as well... ( ;D ) Naaahhh, then theese two guys will kill me,
send them to theese adverts instead.

         Wizard of Giants             Orbit of Giants

      giants@hem.passagen.se     morgan.johansson@mbox301.swipnet.se

         Fredrik Schultz              Morgan Johansson
         Östravagen.12                Morby
         715 31 Odensbacken           715 92 St.Mellosa
         Sweden                       Sweden

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