Infinity #2

                        Welcome to Infinity Issue #2
                  (The First Portuguese Diskmag on Issue 2)

 = Program Requirements

  . XMS Memory (EMS if possible)
  . about 540Kb RAM available
  . Mouse driver installed
    (No use required)
  . VESA SVGA 640x480x256 Compatible Card
    (VESA Driver may also be used)
  . SoundCard if Possible

 = Using Diskmag Environment

   The mag is no more only mouse driven, now you could also use keys inside
  the mag, to scroll pages in articles or menus just move the mouse to the
  bottom screen for next page or top for previous page, of course you could
  also use PGUP and PGDOWN keys as well as UP and DOWN in menu bar.
  if there is other pages than the actual, status line wouldnt appear totally
  filled up.

   To exit to previous menu ou to quit program, just use mouse's right button
  or ESC key.

 = Special Keys

   When using SoundCard, keys "1";"2" choose the backgound music, and
  "+";"-" changes the main volume.

   This issue also allow you to extract articles to ASCII files, to do this
  just press "F" key for file or "P" to printer (printer must be online).

 = Command line

   This issue as a new sound setup interface, to access to it just call
  the mag with -S parameter;


 = Sound Setup

   Just click mouse over prefered option. If you dont have a soundcard just
  click in emprty space up to GRAVIS ULTRASOUND.

   To exit sound setup just click mouse right button.

 = BUGs

   We found a bug in mouse, sometimes and in slow computers mouse is not
  well updated 'cause timer mismatch between SVGA banks and mouse driver.

 = Contact

   Any sugestions or critics should be sent to: pjscorreia@telepac.pt
                               or to: INFINITY <pjsc@mail.telepac.pt>

 = The End