Synapse by Radioactive Design

                       s    y    n    a    p    s    e
                       -    -    -    -    -    -    -

                           23 of september, 1997

 some notes about all the songs:

 with a couple of exceptions, the music in this disk is very channel-wasting.
 i admit this... if you have a gus, excuse me for the lousy playback quality,
 as at times a module or two has the full 32 channels ocupied, reducing
 playback quality to 19khz. if you use impulse tracker to listen to the songs,
 limit the number of channels to about 24. that way, you won't miss a thing,
 except possibly some echoes on some instruments i set the fadeout value too
 small :)

 you can say i'm too much of a lazy pig for fixing up the songs, but I want
 to get this out as soon as possible. i don't have a fixed release date, but
 shortly I will be doing exams at school, and I don't really know how soon
 it'll be possible for me to get back to this musicdisk. and besides that,
 I may even get sick of all this and not release at all, which would be a
 bad thing, as I really like *all* the songs in this musicdisk and it would
 be a shame for them to be let to rotten in my always crowded HD.

 for those who want to know what i used to make all this by myself. consider
 this a recipe... use the same ingredients and try to come up with all this :)

 -1 hard-boiled 100mhz (wow!) intel pentium(tm, (c), other legal bullshit, etc)
 -2 soundcards (one skinned gus ace and a fresh sb16)
 -1 medium-sized blue-eyed human (eeek! since when I'm human? :)
 -enough other people's mods to rip samples from and a friend's keyboard
  to sample something (not everything is ripped, if you didn't know :)

 let it boil for about two weeks and upload to hornet archive...

 well.. so much for a terrible joke...

 anyway, I hope the file size didn't scare you too much (if you're reading
 this, you obviously weren't scared)... I used lots of samples, and some
 16-bits samples, as they sound so much better compared to crummy 8-bits.

 as a final note, hope you enjoy most, if not all of the songs in this
 disk, and please let me know what you think of them...

 in my opinion, 60% of ftp.cdrom.com/pub/demos/music/songs is full of crap
 songs that should haven't been uploaded. I won't be offended if you think
 my music is in that type... just please let me know... I want and need

 the graphics are something I made up with photoshop in under half an hour...
 basically all I've done was mess around with the filters.. not exactly art,
 but it fits the job nicely. don't laugh... I'm not a graphician... I'm not
 really even a musician... oops.. just don't tell that to someone :)

 whenever possible, use Impulse Tracker for the best quality... Mikmod
 is very good, although this release does not support interpolation on
 software-mixed devices, giving very noisy sound... at least the replayer
 is very accurate. just make sure you have the sb/gus variables set.

 || mindsearch

 this was originally going to be my asm97 tune, but I fed up with it while
 making it, so I forgot about it. how could I compete with something I
 could not even listen to from start to finish? :) not that it was finished
 when I decided this, but the song-as-it-was was a little too monotonous.
 I decided to re-organise it and give it a little tweak to use in this
 music disk, so here it is, for your listening pleasure :)

 || delfim (ex-Morning in Eden)

 my asm97 tune. originally for the mc5, but due to some fuckup on my
 part while uploading (used a command line ftp proggy and forgot to
 change from ascii to binary transfer... dummy thing), and even though
 I uploaded it later with a m5v-xxxx.zip.good extension, it was all too
 late. guess I shouldn't be doing this half an hour before the deadline :)
 anwyay, I was left with a good song (at least in my opinion) and decided
 to compete with it on the asm97 multi channel compo. did not qualify for
 the big screen showing, but I guess there were better songs in the
 competition. well.. at least the judged thought there were :)

 || 4ana

 just a small, small tune I made... it stuck with the working name... I was
 too lazy to find a better one... the fact that my girlfriend' name is Ana
 and the style of the song has no relation :) well.. it probably has...
 use your brains to figure it out :)

 || alien threat

 a confusing song (well.. to me it is) I made while keeping in mind we could
 all be invaded by aliens... I guess too much ID4 here... :) not that I liked
 the movie, though, but the topic is very interesting.. I experimented very
 much with the rhythm and the song's style... shouldn't be for everyone's

 || deception

 guitars were ripped! I can't play the guitar, so I used the samples from
 someone who does... I hope Zapper/F10 does not mind too much about it :)

 || mare oniris

 this song was originally an IT, later converted to S3M to be used in
 spellcaster's Lost Love demo, but it seems the sound part of all the releases
 of the demo were buggy, so I guess noone listened to this song.. converted
 it back to IT (just some NNAs, and a little tweaking), and released it in

 || under the spell

 I took my "Desire to Love" song (available on HA), and re-worked it so much,
 for so much time this came out... again, this has the same influences of
 "4ana" :)


 everything music and gfx-wise on this music disk by garfield,
 pcardoso@mail.telepac.pt, except the interface, done by extacy.

 do feel *forced* to let me know what you think of this musicdisk :)

 final messages:

 carol          what else to say? oh.. almost forgot... I love you! :)
 captain hook   let's not let all the hard work you put in Infinity die
 abc            OS/2 C programming, here I come
 dj mind        up to Kaos quality? :)
 brainpower     sorry... not dune :)
 mars walker    that email I was sending you with a beta of my game
                some months ago was eaten by MS Mail! :)
 extacy         10x for the interface

 data disrupter
 noise bleeder
 mr who
 silent dreamer

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 extacy greets:

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