Ocean Machine by The Black Lotus [web]

	Ocean Machine by The Black Lotus

	Party version released at Beakpoint 2005, on 2005-03-27

	The amiga demo competition is in two hours. The demo works under WinUAE,
but crashes on our only available real Amiga. We don't yet know whether this
is due to a bug in our code, or whether the machine (which is a bit flaky) is
beginning to show signs of senility. We have been working on it nonstop for the
last 30 hours, so it would be a shame if it would be left out of the competition.

With a bit of luck the demo will work on the compo machine. And yes, a final
version will be released shortly (not 10 months afterwards as was the case
with Silkcut)...

    These are the collaborators --

	Louie - Graphics
	Tudor - Animation
	Yolk/CNCD - Music
	Kalms - Programming
	Rubberduck - Programming
	Nichosen - Graphics

    and the demo is made to run on --

	AGA Amiga (1200 or 4000), with 68060 including FPU, and 32MB fastmem.

	Graphics cards are not supported.

    Thanks to Volker Barthelmann, Frank Wille and the bunch for VBCC, and to Hansoft
for their equivalently-named project management tool. See the screenshot in the
"bonus" directory for a section of our project plan... :)

Signing off,