Immortalize by Wildfire [web]

Immortalize by Wildfire

The effects presented in Immortalize 
is old. We have been working on it 
from time to time since 1995. Other 
things have had higher priority. 
Anyway, we think it would be a shame 
if we did not release the effects. 
It is nice to see that ST demos is 
not completely dead yet. We are 
anticipating the work of ST Knights 
and Leonard/Oxygene. Hope you are 
faster than we are :) We also want
to apologize for using the same 
music as in our previous demo. This
was due to the fact that our mod - spl
routine did not work with the song
that was esp. composed for this demo.

This demo is probably the last ST 
demo that Winter and Gemmi will 
contribute to. 

See you on Falcon and in Java land.


WF logo:		Pyroman (WF)
Other intro gfx		Baggio  (WF)
Immortalize logo:	AGENT t (CREAM)
Starwars scroller:	Winter  (WF)
Rotozoomer:		Gemmi (optimized by Baggio) (WF)
Rotozoomer gfx		Baggio  (WF) 
Vector object:		TAM (Toys)
Fullscreen:		Bellman (DHS)
Putting together:	Winter (WF)
Music:			Baggio (WF)

Wildfire wish to thank the following persons & groups for bitching us to
finish the demo.

- Evl & Toodeloo / DHS -
- M0d / tSCc -
- Reservoir Gods -
- T.O.Y.S -
- Mind Design -
- SWE -
- Paranoid -
- Thomas / New Beat -

For our (incomplete) list of greetings, check out our webpage at

Wildfire, October 1998