Osmosis<<.5f by vovoid [web]

   \ . < ] \ . < ]  .  .\\
    /  [ >  /  [ >  /  '//
    v   o   v   o   i   d
            - = -
    O s m o s i s << . 5 f
        final version?

 Improved stuff in final version:
  + should hopefully not stall during
    loading on Nvidia cards
    (please tell us if it still does)
  + less Coder Colors(tm)
  + more and better sequencing
  + an improved ending (was there even one before?)
  + a few more effects added
  + reduced texture resolutions in some
    cases to increase speed on lowend cards

system requirements:
graphics card with GLSL support.
found on newer ATI cards
(9700+ at least, with latest drivers)
and Nvidia FX series
(although nvidia cards still suck at GLSL
performance so expect low framerate)

     first presented at
    Compusphere XIV - 2005

code and design:  j
code:  cor
music:  ptcy
2d gfx:  yume
3d modelling:  pcored
additional vsxu code:  ion

    O< kwakaraff >o

#trax, the order of K, speckdrumm

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