4.77 Mhz by Nuclear Meltdown Productions [web]

4.77 Mhz                            /|   |~~~| |~~~|
a Nuclear Meltdown Production     /__|_     /     /
by Philip Hassey/Joe Snow            |     |     |
in >>STEREO<<, where available       |  o  |     |   Mhz

This demo was made for the 8086 Demo Compo '96 organized by Trixter.

Tandy/VGA graphics

Tandy with an Adlib

How to make it go
The optimal system to run this on is a Tandy 1000, with an Adlib sound card.
4.77 Mhz takes advantage of both the Tandy Sound Chip, and the Adlib
sound card.

To acheive the best possible sound from this demo set up your soundsystem
as shown in the following diagram:

..Tandy Left..

   |    +------------+           |
 [ADL]  |            |           |
[Tandy 1000]    [Monitor]    [Speaker]


..Adlib Left..

   |            +---------+     |
   |            |         |   [ADL]
[Speaker]   [Monitor]   [Tandy 1000]


At the begining of the demo you will be asked to adjust your Adlib's volume
so that it is balanced with the Tandy's.  The program will emit a nice
note from both the tandy and the adlib and wait until you press a key.

Or, you could make an elaborate splicing deal with wires and what-nots,
for a nice head-set.. but then again..maybe not.. :>

The mods by Hollywood were converted to some dumb format I made up for
Tandys with Adlib cards.  Hopefully it came out somewhat appealing.. :>

Complete Credits

Programming:   Philip Hassey
Graphics   :   Philip Hassey
Tandy Pic <a picture of my very own Tandy 1000!>
  Sketched by: Philip Hassey
  Scanned by : Jason Maas
Tunez:         Hollywood/Jetset <an excellent chip tune composer, I might add>
Design:        Philip Hassey
Docs:          Philip Hassey
  Docs fixed up, and suggestions made, as well as unncessary parts censored:
	       Clueless/Jason Maas.

Contact Information
See the included group info file NMINFO12.TXT.

Personal fav't Tandy warez
  Alleycat, Digger, all LucasArts, Sierra classics
  and all the other freeware/shareware stuff.

    ||       ||
    ||       ||     (monitor)
   |~tandy~~~²~~|   (tandy 1000)
  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~P  (tandy extension unit)