BeaverSweeper by noice [web] & cryonics [web] & Obscure [web]

              -+- Beaver Sweeper by Noice, Cryonics and Obscure -+-

            - Released at autumn 2005
            - Realtime softsynth and tracker with full source
Legal Notice:

This tool is free to spread and copy as much as you want. 
However, the code is givent to the public for non-commercial purposes, if you
would (however unlikly) use it for something else, please contact the authors.
If you put this on a CD availible to the public in any way, you must send us a copy. 
Program is provided as is, without any kind of warranty.

System requirements:

 * Fairly fast machine (2 ghz)
 * DirectX 8 (i think)
This version has been tested on Windows XP SP2. Should run on W2K as well.

Main Credits:

Synth..............: Steffo / Cryonics
GUI................: Gnilk / Noice
Add GUI Code.......: Zyrax / Obscure
Soundmixer.........: Zyrax / Obscure

Contact information:
Gnilk..............: gnilk@home.se
Steffo.............: -------------
Zyrax..............: -------------

or point IRC to IRCNet, and #scene.se

Some words from the authors:
After 3 years of waste we now release this to the public, including full source.
Do not expect to much from it, it is known to hang quite often and there exists
no manual for the editing. The manual issue was raised a couple of years ago
but ended up in vain. 

Take it for what it is...  You do need some knowledge about music to understand
it, I guess...

Btw, some tunes might sound a little different from what they did when they
were released, this is due to evolvment of the code base since that happend.
However, you got some tunes, atleast...

See "manualv1.0.txt" - for information on how to use the GUI.
About the code:
Set to compile under Visual Studio 2003 .NET, never tested it for
anything else, old workspaces did exist, but I dont have an old
VStudio version, so I couldnt verify them...

If you, by any chance, find some kind of bug, fixes something, makes some
updates or whatever, I would be glad to be informed about this.

Dont look at it to serious, it is lacking quite a bit of comments, and
it is actually very ugly in some places. It uses MFC for the GUI code, and
I can tell you it was my first big project...  and it shows...

The code was started quite a while back, and evolved during 2 big phases.
However, since spring 2002 not much happend. The GUI mearly serves as
a front end for the synth and has little knowledge about whats actually
going on behind the scenes.

Steffo wrote his softsynth in the end of the last millenium, then fixed it 
for realtime purposes. 

See "source.txt" for a little bit more information...

// Gnilk,Steffo,Zyrax - late 2005