PubTro by Bluebox Cinematique GmbH [web]

                         P  U  B  T  R  O
                 We drunk your drink. We're drunk.

      21st century masterpiece by Bluebox Cinematique GmbH.

Requires any Amiga, AGA/P96/CGFX, 68020+, FPU, some fast&chipmem.
   Slow like hell, because i converted a polyfiller originally 
  written by me in Turbo Pascal on peeCee,  and i didn't wanted
    to write better, because evil lazyness took all over me. 
  There's no timing this time. Anyway, still use 68060, or die.  

        This is a fake just for fun release. We're sorry.
         Explicit lyrics. Parental advisory recommended.
 Released at Boozing at Blues Pub, Budapest, Hungary, 2005.10.29. 
           We made too many fake Amiga prods already...

                      CED & PowerD & PhxAss: 
                       using Amiga 1200/060


                       Greetings & Thanks:
                    (in no particular order)

      ph03n1x/CDi for C2P routine and countless coding help
                Martin 'MarK' Kuchinka for PowerD
          Ray/TRY for being the best drunken coder ever
               Spenot for his WAP-proper deutsch. :)
       Still definitely NO thanks to #amigahu people... ;)


Tech stuff: The Intro needs 320x256 PAL mode in case of AGA, and
320x240 8bit paletted mode in case of RTG systems. On P96, you
can choose any other resolution, via the menu. On CGFX, you just
create the required mode, and enjoy. The P96/PIP overlay mode was
written on a PicassoIV in Z2 mode, but should work on any card
supporting R5G5B5PC hicolor overlays.


                   Jetzt bist du betrunken.

* - Bebasztam bazdmeg. Elnezest!