Clone meets Clone win32 by Fudge & Acme (pc)


win32 version uses minifmod by firelight and tinyptc by gaffer


		     c l o n e	 m e e t s   c l o n e

			     .. main credits ..

			      aap, echo, simon

			  .. additional credits ..

		 assa (graphics help and network solutions)
		 craft (texturemapper, grid filler, stuff)
			 daredevil & tran (pmode/w)
			dune (original radial blur)
			      pascal (mxmplay)
			   submissive (vesa lib)
			    unreal (segment bss)

		   thanks must also go to all the people
	      who supported, inspired and influenced our work

			   .. detailed credits ..

			    design by aap, echo
			      effects by echo
			       music by simon
			      graphics by aap

			 .. product description ..

			64kb intro for takeover '98
		     133mhz pentium or amd-k6 required
			     resolution 320x200
		  supports 32bit and 15bit graphics modes
	    gravis ultrasound with 1mb memory required for sound