My Style by The Lords Of The Bits [web]

This demo is only a little experiment around a music(s) i like.
First of all, i make demos cos i CAN make demos.

If u are a demomaker, i respect u and sure u'll respect me..
If u are a simply asshole in pouet giving opinions from things u don't understand...
well, fuck you. I'll don't take your opinion into account.. 
don't write comments about this , your effort, your opinion, your "ideas" will be futile..
So shutup your fucking mouth and use your time on some more productive (learning for example)

The work in this production was around three weeks on spare time.. all is done by my own.

A bit of help received from MadGoblin / zon@n (nice models but untextured) and nothing more.

Ah, the credits.

Code, Astharoth
     -Rare style Trace / Xplsv
     -Funky style original by Onesk8man

Graphics 2d design, photos, effects, Astharoth
Graphics 3d ... 

some from Madgoblin...
two freeware from turbosquid (textured and lightmapped by Astharoth)
the rest from Astharoth..

The technical side... 
Well, some shaders used.. if your video card doesn't run at leats pixel shaders 1.4 u can run the prod
but some materials will appear in "blank"

Some p4 blah blah, with a decent video card should run this prod.. at least a 640x480.
Can run in a fucking Intel Video "Accelerator" at poor frame rate but runs.

Cheers in MyStle Astharoth