Wish by Majic 12

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                 Welcome to the first PC demo from Majic 12 !

    	This demo was the winner at the In Bloom party.
        Release date: 18.04.1993

        Warning !!!
        If you have an old version of this demo, which is not 774795 bytes
        long, then please delete that, and copy the newest.
        Thanks for this!

        System requirements:
                - 80286 or higher processor
                - Trident VGA card
		- 570k free memory
                - Soundblaster, D/A, or Speaker (optional)

        With many VGA cards some parts are flickering, running with
        bugs. This is because I use 128K in 13h videomode. Some VGA
        cards, like Trident, makes it possible, and when I detected
        the problem, I had no time to solve it.
        Sorry for this bug, and I hope you like the demo after all.
        I can promise you, this will not happen again!

        If you want to contact us write to:
                Maxwood/Majic 12  (Antal Tam s)
                9028 Gy”r, Z”ld u.25.