fr-049: of spirits taken by farbrausch [web] & vacuum [web]

                fr-049: of spirits taken
              the official invitation to...

             B R E A K P O I N T     2 0 0 6
                - Rumble in the jungle! -


          brought to you by Farbrausch & Vacuum.

Minimum system specs:
  - 800MHz P3/Duron is perfectly fine.
  - 256MB RAM
  - Pixelshader 1.1 compatible graphics card (GeForce3,
    Radeon8500 or better)

  If it's slow, try a lower resolution. In case your system
  is much better than that (512MB RAM and at least 128MB
  VRAM) you might want to turn high texture detail on to get
  an additional subtile eyecandy boost (warning: this means
  325MB of texture data, this can wreak havoc on systems with
  low amount of RAM).

  - Concept, design and direction by Wayfinder
  - Graphics by Floetus/Vacuum
  - Music by KB
  - Code by ryg and chaos
  - Made with .werkkzeug3 by chaos,fiver2,giZMo,ryg.

  Mail hotline@farbrausch.de, as usual.

Party information:
  Come on, it's 2006. Use the power of TEH INTARWEB or get the
  C64 invi.

Isn't this a bit... late?
  Yeah, yeah, yeah. About everything that could possible delay
  this actually did: Totally overworked designers and graphicians,
  fried mainboards, bankrupting PC repair shops, university exams,
  mystery bugs appearing 1 day before release dates...

  You don't want to know, really.
  But we managed.