Awakening: Part2 by ALLien Senses [web]

         ,sd$b,          db           db    db      ,dS$b,      ,oS$$b,
       :$$7" `lb       ,$P'         ,$P'    ^"     ,$S" `"b,  "$$P"  `$b
              $$      d$P          d$P       :$b,  d$,    `$b  `$s    :$m
     ,d$Sb, ,d$P    ,$P"         ,$P"         `$b  $$Sb,   l$   l$     $$
    d$"  `"S$Pb'   d$"    d$b   d$"    d$b     l$: S$ `"$$$P'  ,S$    ,$'
    "$b,     `$b, dP        "b dP        "b   ,$P' `$b        d$$S   ,$S
     `"S$$$bdS$$P "S$@o,.  ,dP "S$@o,.  ,dP ,d$S'    "$b,  o, `$$"   `P'
           `"^      `^"S$$$$P     `^"S$$$P  "$P'        `S$$P^  `'

      ,d$$,      ,dS$b,       ,oS$$b,     ,d$$,      ,dS$b,        ,d$$,     
     d$"  $P    ,$S" `"b,   "$$P"  `$b   d$"  $P    ,$S" `"b,     d$"  $P
    "$b   "     d$,    `$b   `$m    :$m "$b   "     d$,    `$b   "$b   "
      V$b,      $$Sb,   l$    l$     $$   V$b,      $$Sb,   l$     V$b,
       `"$$b.   $$ `"$$$P'   ,S$    ,$'    `"$$b,   $$ `"$$$P'      `"$$b.
    ,     `"$b, `$b,        d$$S   ,$S   ,    `"$b  `$b,          ,    `"$b,
   d$P       `$b, "$b,   o, `$$"   `P'  d$P      `$b, "$b,   o,  d$P      `$b,
  l$^         `$b   `"S$$P^  `'        l$^         `$b  `"S$$P^ l$^        `$b
   "$b,      ,d$"                       "$b,      ,d$"           "$b,     ,d$"
     `"V$$$$$P'                           `"V$$$$$P'               `"V$$$$P'

  							      [ascii by lambi]

               "Awakening: Part Second" - msxdisk by Allien Senses                              
                                    April 2oo6                                
                                Direction and Gui:                            
                              Lukasz "Wie8" Weclawek                          
                              Karol "Defactor" Sabat                          
                              Michal "MasterM" Siejak                         
                              Maciej "Ananke" Wojtala                          
                         Marcin "Morbid Karbid" Jakubowski                      
                             Lukasz "Slizgi" Sliwinski                        
        Hello! :)                                                               
        Here it is. Second and the last part of the Awakening music disk.                     
	After three months of hard work, I can say - We have finished.               
	We put lot of effort to make this part far better than the previous
	one. Hope you'll enjoy 7 instrumental tracks composed by Defactor
	and beautiful illustrations painted by our graphics artists for
	each track.
	And don't forget to check the "bonus" directory for additional
	bonus track!

	Thanks goes to Bonzaj for his last minute support and to all our
	scene friends in Poland and around the Europe. We love you!                                                         
        We are looking for skilled coders, musicians and graphic artists.        
        If you would like to join, contact us !                                  
        ALLien Senses Homepage: http://www.asenses.scene.pl                      
           (special thanks to webtech.pl for sponsoring)
	Defactor Homepage     : http://www.defactor.pl                         
        Bug reports send to: mastermichu [at] gmail [dot] com                    
                    Contact:        wie8 [at]  tlen [dot]  pl                    
        We respect:                                                              
        .addict labs                                                             
                               wie8 & masterm 2006-04-22