Fire by Garbage & Atlantic Dreams

                        ÛßÛßÛßÛ ßÛßÛß ÛßÛßÛßÜ  ÛßÛßÛßÛ
                        °²° ßßß  °²°  °²° °²°  °²° ßßß
                        ±±±ß     ±±±  ±±±ßß±Ü  ±±±ß
                        ²°²      ²°²  ²°²  ²°² ²°² ÜÜÜ
                        ÛÜÛ     ÜÛÜÛÜ ÛÜÛ  ÛÜÛ ÛÜÛÜÛÜÛ

                   The Demo Presented At Atlantic Scene 96
                                 By eXtaCy
  1 - The Demo
    1.1 - System Requirements
    1.2 - The Demo Itself
    1.3 - Contributors
  2 - Greets
    2.1 - National Greetings
    2.2 - General Greetings
  3 - Miscellaneous Info
    3.1 - Final Words


** 1 **

1.1 - System Requirements

        A 286 will probably this thing, but it would probably take about a
    day to run all of the demo... in a 386, it takes 20 minutes!
        Reason: The code is SLOW!!
    At the time I made this I only had 3 months coding experience!!
    It was coded in a P166, so I never got the notion that it was so slow.
        To hear the music, you should have EMM386 loaded, with, at least,
    a couple of megs of EMS.
        It suports SB, SB16 and AWE32... it uses the s3mplay units.
        The demo's full time should be around 2/3 minutes.

  NOTE: the demo is supposed to hang up the computer in the end... BUG!
  ( we like to think of it more as a feature... not a bug... hehehe...)

1.2 - The Demo itself

        I'm not sure if you can call it a demo....
        It's "light-centuries" away from the 1996 demoscene standart...
    its looks more like a 1992 demo...
    But hey!!, I only got 5 months of coding under my belt... (3 at the
    time of the demo)...
        It is all my code, with a few arrangements from Deadbrain on the
    3d wireframe part, and the Lens fx on the end was inspired in some guy's
    code in SWAG. The rest is absolutely ours. (unlike what slink thinks.)


** 2 **

2.1 - National Greetings
    Aphex Twin - Keep up the good work with the Sirius-B BBS.
    Akira - Humm... Green Haired German!!....hehehe...
    Vlad Dracul - weird name, he? (the guy's nuts, but hell with it...)
    Ripper - Kurt.... Kurt... oooooohhhhhoooooohooo...... BUUUU!!
    GUL - never saw ya again.... were are ya?
    Red Rose - Hi there!! How ya doin'?
    Serial Link - Well... Where's the report?!
    China - Never sleep with slink again...
    Viriato - hey... wanna join GarbaGe?? e-mail me!!
    All the people at AS96 - Where the hell were ya??....
    THI, DUF, Radioactive Design (are there anymore portuguese groups?).

2.2 - General Greetings

  All the people on #coders:

    Eckart, Headsoft, jugi, mitxel, codex, recc, [BuG], elmig, hletcer,
    VaW, Teasy, and so on... ( might have forgot someone...)

    A Big hug goes out to AleXeL / Distorsion for tracking the song we used.
    WorkMen.s3m is a great tune. We are sorry that we didn't ask you for
    permission before shipping this song along. but I guess we are only
    helping you... right?... if you have any problem, please say so!
  More Greets go to:

    Sympathy, Japotek, Complex, tpolm, Iguana, Crom, Omega Sys, and the
    spanish scene...

  Note to spanish dudes:
     - please e-mail me about Euskal! or anything else fer that matter...


** 3 - Miscellaneous Info **

    This demo was presented at AS96 in the 23rd of december, 1996.
    At the time, I, eXtaCy, belonged to the group Atlantic Dreams, and
  was asked to code a demo to present at the party.
    After some weeks of work, I was able to put this together, with some
  help from DeadbraiN (aka Vyper), and we made it to the party.
    After January 1997, I left AD and formed a new group called GarbaGe.
    This demo never got out while I was in AD, so I'm releasing my work a
  bit late, but who cares... anyway, the code is mine... ;)

    If you wanna get in touch with me or any of the GarbaGe members, just
  e-mail us at:
    For more info, read the garbage.app, garbage.nfo.

3.1 - Final words

    This demo is finally out after about 2 months.
    It isn't a 3d vector, phong rendered, real time morphing, 39234234 polys,
  6 meg, Hi-Res, FC like demo.... BUT HELLL!!!!! Its what we could do at the
  time, and believe me... NOBODY ELSE is able to do something like this around
     The Portuguese Scene is growing, but the Azorean Scene barely exists...
     I count 20 people that even know what a "demo" is... 8(
     Well... I hope that Infinity Network keeps its good job so far, and hope
  that people will stay tuned for GarbaGe...
     ...we are preparing great stuff...

PS: If by any chance you would like me to send you the code of the demo, I'll
  be happy to do it, just mail me about it...
    Maybe i'll post it later... who knows... #)



Milton Moura