Ro Bott by Kooma

        Ro Bott finale
            Copyright 1999 Kooma

            Originally released at The Gathering 99 - party.

    First time in the history of demoscene I have made final version
    of my product ! This one comes out not even too late - only one month !
    (First, if we don't count Paimen bugfix.. which was really just a bugfix.)

        Finally I think I have succeed.
        This is not ultimate anykind, but for a long time
        I am quite satisfied.
        I like that atmosphere.
        I like that music.
        I like those colors.
        I even like that code.

        Code is not too optimized.. I was too lazy and busy for that.
        There are even new effects (!!),
        new effects that have real use too.. not just looking nice.
        Though I had no time or interest to use them in their
        full maximum ultimate mega power.
        My reflecting particle system with multiple light sources
        looks like bad normal particle system. Hehee. :)
        Lightsourced glenzcubes are not too new things.

        But most important innovation is color system.
        It's simple. It's fast. It can do a lot more than this.
        It's not a new idea, but I haven't seen as nice system
        as this before in demos.. only on some video codecs.
        Damn I like those colors. In practise, color system
        takes almost nothing of processor time.
        I just hope that I learn to use it better than this.  

What do YOU think.. Should I stop making these..
Do you like to hear bad hardcore acid and to see those old effects
over and over again ? (Like most products do.)
Do you want that products are good ?
Damn.. If scene doesn't learn.. I'll quit and leave you all
to your tiny little sandbox.

        I read my mail.

 ---     virne@sci.fi    --------------

        I just don't remember to answer always, but I try. Really.

---------- Ro Bott System

        Is tested with
                    Pentium 133         Pentium II - 333
                    32 mb               128 mb
                    GUS Classic/SB16    SB16
                    S3 Virge            Matrox G100
                    Dos/W95             W95

                    16 mb
                    Tseng ET4000

                    Recommended machine is as fast as possible. P2 or so..
                    Actually this Ro Bott babe looks quite good
                    even if it's slow. With my P133 this looks nice.
                    Slow speed gives it more Ro Bott feeling. hehe.

---------- Problems ?

                    so it should work..

        If you encounter problems try this :

                    - you forgot Ultrinit ? (with GUS ofcourse)
                    - free some low memory
                    - try it under Dos
                    - try it under Windows
                    - use UniVbe
                    - do not use UniVbe
                    - do not use ANY unneccesary TSR:s etc. (eg. EMM386)
                        (I have seen how people stuff their configurations
                         with too many programs they don't really need.
                         That makes any MS system very unstable and slow.
                         With Win95/98 you need just about nothing.
                         Who needs EMM386 nowadays ?
                         Who needs to load CDrom drivers twice ? etc. etc)

        I tried this with HP Vectra VE sucking motafoking machine
        and IT DIDN'T WORK !! First Midas jammed and then
        it hit me with "divide overflow error".
        Die HP! Die.. Only printers please.
        It was problem with Matrox G100.. Dunno why.
        It worked with real computer with same G100 card.
        Maybe UniVbe helps.. (It didn't..)

---------- Audio

        Configure audio system with parameter /KISSANPOLKKA.

---------- VESA

        My VESA routines have autodetection only because I have
        noticed that they work fine in 95% of cases.
        With this intro it seeks in this order :

                1. 640x400 32bit LFB (Linear Frame Buffer) interlaced
                2. 640x480 32bit LFB widescreen mode       interlaced
                3. 320x200 32bit LFB or banked
                4. 320x200 24bit LFB or banked
                5. 320x200 15bit LFB or banked
                6. 320x200 16bit LFB or banked
                x. 320x200 8bit  greyscale

                BTW. Who thinks that 16bits for pixel is enough ?
                Think .. it's only 5.33 bits for greyscale.. hrrr.. yuk.
                I have seen how so called gfx-artists use that mode.
                No no no no no. Only reason to use that mode,
                is that it is in some cases faster (but not much.)

---------- Ro Bott credits

                Ro Bott-code & Ro Bott-color        virne
                Ro Bott-music                       loke
                Ro Bott-Ro Bott pictures            anger
                Ro Bott-photography                 jope, supi etc.

                Pmode/W by Charles Scheffold and Thomas Pytel

                Midas Digital Audio System
                        Copyright 1996, 1997 Housemarque Inc.
                        Written by Petteri Kangaslampi and Jarno Paananen

                UPX by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer & Laszlo Molnar

---------- Ro Bott thank yous

                Therapy people at TG for loaning machine for drunken coder.
                TG compo organizing and rest of the crew
                        (Vegard ! We love you ! Even if you are cheapskate.)
                Jope, Melwyn, Supi, Novous
                        rest of our gang at TG99 trip
                All voters and supporters at TG

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