hugi intro: wanted writers by EP

Dear sceners,

I hope you've enjoyed our intro. :)

Of course this is a joke.
But now you know we need coders articles to improve dramatically our level in this activity.

To let begginers learn something, we have found more interesting to get a whole demo code and then dividing it in several parts to let it be more readable.
This way we can get up to 5 linked articles about a very same source and provide weak coders with a great recipe to learn efficiently.

However we are pleased to get some sources from leet sceners about leet subjects, they will be published for advanced coders.

Hope you've enjoyed the show and now please provide us with sources / articles / ideas to cdvolko@gmx.de

Of course you can call me on hugi-phone skype line.


we are not responsible of what this intro makes to your computer, you've been warned, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.