Stay by Nothing [web]

	stay by nothing - inercia 2006

	a videoshow for "stay" from the upcoming new album by nny.

	credits to
	death_is_waiting_by_thetreesgirl	( thetreesgirl.deviantart.com )		2d art - cemetery picture
	Dream_With_Me_by_astraline		( astraline.deviantart.com )		2d art - the girl at the end
	Waiting_For_Death_To_Come_by_ProfilerG	( profilerg.deviantart.com )		2d art - dead rose in the jar
	nny					( nothing.scene.org/negativ )		music
	vic					( nothing.scene.org/~vic )		putting it all together
	unknown					( ) 					textures

	.mm 3d model format from rcmania game project	( rcmania.gamedev-pt.net )
	direct3d 9 june 2006	( microsoft.com/directx )

	ps, dextrose, wawa, breakneck, evil, jae, kamoo, iceball and the other guys at boozetuga0x53, etc.
	special hello to you

	real sceners rule.