Lithography by Andromeda Software Development [web]

                  -       Lithography       -

                       a 30 seconds demo
                       a n d r o m e d a
                        s o f t w a r e
                     d e v e l o p m e n t

                 Made for the Intel 30 seconds
                  demo competition - Oct 2006

                      Code    :   Navis
                      Music   :   DJ Hell
                      Remix   :   aMUSiC
                    Graphics  :   Ch3, Amoivikos


             This demo requires a fast CPU and a GPU  
                     with ps2.0 capabilities
              Alternatively, there is a OpenGL 1.0 
             fallback path.This path is recommended 
             for 5200, 6200 and X300 graphics cards.

           Sound  Playback  by FMOD.   Copyright (C) 
           2001-2006  FireLight Technologies Pty, Ltd. 
           GPU   shader   programming  tools  by   Cg 
           Copyright  (C)  NVidia Corp.


         We sent  our  greetings  to our  fellow  groups:
         stravaganza, orion,  conspiracy, threestate, inf 
         madwizards,  the black lotus, farbrausch, exceed
         moppi productions,  plastic,  mfx, nah-kolor,odd
         excess , cocoon, three pixels, fairlight,dope pc
         numedia cyclops,  melon design,  rgba,  outracks
         portal process,alien prophets, TaaT, satori,deus 
         traction, vall@day,  reversed engineers, the lab
         pneuma,psyxes, nasty bugs, sense amok, mindlapse
         synesthetics ,  and all our friends  in  Greece,
         UK, Norway, Finland and Germany.