Concrete by Ephidrena

Short:    Concrete Demo by Ephidrena - Rank#1 at THE PARTY `99
Author:   Ephidrena
Uploader: Ghandy@Scenet.de
Type:     demo/aga

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                              title: concrete
                             compo: amigademo
                             group: ephidrena
                              code: loaderror
                          gfx: cheetah and stoney
                         music: zixaq and frequent

				At Tp 1999
			    E P H I D R E N A


			     C O N C R E T E


After seven months of working, our newest production finally sees the light 
of day. As usual, we tried to make the demo as new school as possible.
Therefore, no boring sinus scrollers included. We create art, and nothing

Try to find the meaning, if you can. We are still open for external

For running the demo you need:

Amiga, aga, 16 meg fast, and a hd. Anything slower than 060 will make the
demo running slow, unstable, and perhaps it not work at all. If so,

We greet: 

Dcs - For the design 
Contraz - for the dreetings
Apathy - since we care
Dnf - Yo! 
Mawi - for the surprise
Reality Bytes - for meeting you at tg99
Iris - when it comes to scening
Spaceballs - for not surviving the fusion factor
Kangaroo - for knowing us so well 
Fade Out - for meeting you here at tp99
Planet Jazz - for being nice and quiet guys..........
Leia og fotoboksen - for picturresupport

Our next release, will come out someday...........

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