Romeo - Armada Is Dead by Aggression

Here's Aggressions new fractal demo for STE (min. 1 Meg) called

			Armada Is Dead!

The technical details and credits are in this textfile too,
because we were quite drunk when we wrote the main part
of the scrolltext.

Julia calculating algorithm, scroller				WIZTOM
Julia drawing, optimizing, 50 kHz stereo protracker replay	XENIT
Graphics							LANCELOT
Music								TEQUE

The iteration amount in the Julias is 120 (!!!). 31 colors output.
Fullscreen scroller. 50 kHz protracker replay with ALL effects.

The Julia routine could be faster, because we made no multiplication
tables so there are still few mulus per iteration. Anyway, press ALT-
key if you want to see julias faster (the replay routine stops).

			Contact Aggression

			Jussi Haapiainen (Qwerty)
			Abraham Wetterintie 11 D 40
			00820  HELSINKI