Figment by Night Vision


Well, this is the demo Figment, that came in 4th place at Naid'95...  We
never released it before, mostly because 'Night Vision' died just after
Naid'95.  (and a few HD accidents that caused half of the source to
disappear)  :]

Anyway..   This demo is full of bugs (run at your on risk, bla bla).  A
few things are even corrupted.   Due to a HD crash, I lost the music for
the 1st part.  So I used an old version of the 2nd part music in it's place.
The 2nd part, (figment2.exe) is the Orig file shown at naid'95.  (which
half of the source is gone now)

Requirements to run:

- A Gravis Ultrasound..   Not sure, it might crash if there's no GUS. Try it.
- A "fast" 386 or low end 486.  :]

This demo was never properly finished.  Most of it was slapped together
*after* the deadline to submit it at naid.  So the Goal was to have it run
on the comp there, and not for distribution.  Sorry for the bugs.  :]

(We also never released it because we all thought it was junk)  :]

- Engival                                                engival@argl.ml.org