absolute havoc by Extreme Command & sYNTAX tERROR


 .absolute havoc (havok experiment)

     extreme command(bolivia division) and syntax terror in cooperation.
     demo put together during one evening. released at midwinter '99.
     of cource placed 1st. 

     demo developed on a p2/400. no time optimizing. probably looks like
     shit on slow computers. so lets say a p233 is needed for maximum joy(?)
     sb/gus for sound. works good in w95(?)/98. and dos of cource. yes, it
     do need some memory to. lets say about 16mb.

     evil code      cliffhanger
     musical score  megaman
     graphics       bejrutt
     add gfx        cyric prophet


     all illegal ppl. we support crime.


     extreme_command@hotmail.com (we do not accept more members)
     if you send a mail, we promise to give you some free warez.

     check out http://fly.to/bolivia (not very updated, tho)