Pirtuaalitodellisuus by tAAt [web]

-------------------------------   tAAt  2001   -------------------------------

P I R T U A A L I T O D E L L I S U U S                    Copyright 2001 tAAt
Contribution to Assembly'01 Demonstration Competition

Demo crew: tArzAn, kAAlimAtA, RallivAIhDE, sydänlääke
keLmUharppU, ääniHUulI, rEsOnAnSi, paparazzi, vEiVi

1 GHz or faster computer with a decent 3D acceleration card (such as
GeForce2) and at least 128MB of memory recommended. Win9X and Win2K supported.
Requires DirectX 7 or newer. Get it from http://www.microsoft.com/directx/.

Start the demo with command-line parameter 'w' if you want to run the
demo in windowed mode. You can also use command-line parameter 'm' if you
want to choose the rendering device (demo asks for each device in order
to use it and start the demo).

Libraries used in the demo:
  - FMOD sound & music playing system by Firelight Multimedia
  - ZLIB compression library by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
  - LIBJPEG image library by the Independent JPEG Group
  - CFL3 Compressed file library engine 3 by Jari Komppa

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  .,««««;:,         ,;«««P' .%«««,             ,«««P;;X««p,     ..,:::«««,...
   ««««;:        .««««P;;      ;««««"       ,««««P   `::X««««,      ::;«««
  :««««;::      ,««««P;;        ;««««.     .««««P     `::X««««,     ::;«««x
    ~%«««;:.   :««««P;;          %««««.   .««««P       `::Xx«««;      :;lXXxX.
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