sqwerz3 by Trimaje

                                SQWERZ III

          date: 17 07 96 - for the T.O.L.D. 256-byte democompo

        This is one of my two entries for the Techstronics 256-byte
democompo. Textured, colored squares with infinite layers, rotation.

        Actually, it's a much improved version of the greyscale
four-layer straight grid I made for our demo called Bugs, which got
approximately 15th place at NAID'96 - actually, we don't really know,
cause the organizers destroyed the complete result sheet. ;-(

        386 VGA required, 486 recommended, 586 is much better, but I
developed this entirely on a 486 DX 33, so it should be ok. GUS
recommended: although this demo doesn't use a GUS, I think it is nice
to have one anyway... ok, I know, it's an old joke..

(Mathieu Bouchard)
FidoNet 1:243/68.1