Gist by Grin [web]

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OK, Mik here at 3:00 AM...

Grin presents:

.-== GIST ==-.

Yet another neomedia-wannabe-pieceofshit-artycrap called GIST.
Yes, it _is_ a dictionary word, and it's definition can be seen
in the text box in the first 'real' scene. The demo was designed,
coded and implemented in 1 week during The Pre-Assembly Party at
McLad's. During that time, we consumed approximately 60 litres
of Coca-Cola, about 30 microwave pizzas, a couple of cans of
Battery. And yes, we _really_ should get a life. Seriously.


     Mik                        Code, Scripting, Composition
     Random                     2D and 3D graphics, visual design
     Crud & KS / Nashmeja       Music
     McLad                      Additional 2D graphics

Grin greets:

     Moppi Productions
     tAAt (tAAt hallitsee)

Very special thanks go to Memon / Moppi Productions, this wouldn't
have happened without you.

PS. We _did_ start this as a serious project. Really.


A short FAQ:

Q: Hey, this sucks! This is nothing but yet another lame
   artycrap-demo! You guys are lamers!
A: Yeah, it is. Bite us.

Q: Hey, this is done with Moppi Demopaja! You guys are lamers!
A: Yeah, it is. Bite us.

Q: WTF is Moppi Demopaja?
A: It's an ultimate artycrap tool, or seriously speaking,
   a great demomaking system by moppi productions

Q: Hey, this demo is cool, where can I find the authors of
   this great piece of art?
A: No, this demo is not cool, it's a piece of crap. Anyway,
   if you want to get into touch with the authors, you can send
   email to the following addresses:
         mik      mikko.liimatainen@oulu.fi
         random   random@kolumbus.fi

   The official Grin website lies at http://grin.planet-d.net