Anthology by Dune

                             Ah sweet memories...

Another addition to the memory trip with this video covering 15 years of demo activity from
Dune on the ST. Of course we couldn't include all the demos or intros we did (it will be done
for sure once we release the Dune megacollector DVD boxset and, no, don't ask for any release
date please).

This video is encoded using the xvid codec that therefore you should have installed before
trying to run it.

Apart from the people from Dune and Sector One involved in this demos, some more credits must
go to some talented musicians, namely Mad Max/Tex, Scavenger/Synergy and Tao/Cream.

Additionnal greetings go to all the people involved in the demos featured in the CGI part of
this video (they know who they are).