Lonely Singing Fish by Impact DK [web]

             "A totally ordinary day in the psychological day
               of the very happy and married Sammy the Fish"

                   An ImPACT DK humour Production 1996!

            Released at the Ambrosia^Iris^Impact scene meeting!

 Please note: The file size of the intro is quite huge, but on a standard
 A1200 without fastmem there isn't enough memory to decrunch the intro. So,
   if you have just a little bit of fastmem, you can pack the intro with
         any packer you like (now, THAT'S interactive multimedia)!

           Fishy greetings from ImPACT to our watery friends in:

               Ambrosia, Puzzle, Gunnars Farvebio, X-Stream
                     Iris, Depth, Fudge and Death Row.