Elektroniks - Win by Doomsday

[ D o o m s d a y % E l e k t r o n i k s % T h e  P a r t y ' 9 7 % D e m o ]

                 - *  F I N A L  V E R S I O N  * -

                       "less bugs than ever"

                      now also for windows (tm)


    not much new routines since Boost,  our Assembly'97 demo,  but
    we  are  satisfied  with  this release,  even though it didn't
    succeed in The Party '97 democompetition.  TP organisers  need
    to buy a new random generator for next year maybe?


    this is a windows port. using ptc.dll, hermes.dll and bass.dll
    for your viewing pleasure.
                                                   .mri 10.09.2001

    the demo  might run on  a fast  486 but  a pentium is strongly
    recommended. 8 mbyte ram should be enough. if you want shorter
    transition and start  the demo with parameter  -uppfs, about 3
    mbyte more memory is needed.

    you will need a video card that supports lo-res hi-color modes
    as  the demo runs in 320x200 15 or 16 bit  internally.  if the
    demo can't detect  hi-color, it will use 8 bit fakemode.  note
    that  the  colors  look  very  bad  in  fakemode.  for maximum 
    enjoyment,  please run the demo in hi-color.  most video cards
    support lo-res hi-color modes with a special vesa driver  such
    as SciTech Display Doctor (univbe).

    if you want to hear  the music you naturally need a soundcard.
    midas 1.1.1 offers the choice  of the following cards:  gravis
    ultrasound, audio pro spectrum, windows sound system and sound
    blaster. soundcard parameters should automagically be detected
    but  you  can manually  set them  if you  start the  demo with
    parameter -m.


    note  that this demo is a 32 bit dos program, not a windows 95
    program.  it should however  run in a dos-box under windows 95
    if the video card supports vesa linear frame buffer or  if you
    run  the demo in 8 bit fakemode  (parameter -fm).  it will not
    run in banked  mode as  windows 95 will  shut it down  when it
    tries to change write bank from inside the vsync isr.

    under   windows 95,  screen  sync  will be  very bad.   please
    consider running the demo in dos mode. also, in dos mode,  the
    problems with banked mode do not exist.


    code ................ MRI    [3D-code, script code, misc.code]
                          Doom   [2D-code, "sprites"]
    music ............... Illusion
    art + scenes ........ Damaq
    bird object ......... Axid / Gasp Inc.

    and introducing our own 'evil sideshow Bob' -- Kidlove!

    midas .......... Housemarque Inc. ......... we hate you :)
    pmode/w ........ T Pytel & C Scheffold .... we like you


    Damaq ....... damaq@stekt.oulu.fi             (gfx, 3D)
    Dice ........ miettinen.antti@susi.ysakk.fi   (gfx, 3D)
    Doom ........ mpesonen@orion.pspt.fi          (code)
    Illusion .... ilsn@freenet.hut.fi             (music)
    MRI ......... mri@penti.sit.fi                (code)
    Swallow ..... nielu@hotmail.com               (music)
    Wode ........ svoutila@ratol.fi               (gfx, 3D, music)
    Addict ...... piiraine@lut.fi                 (music)
    Razorback ... antpol@jytol.fi                 (gfx)
    Bay Tremore . btremore@hotmail.com            (gfx, music)
    TDA ......... j153652@cc.tut.fi               (code)
    Chavez ...... chavez@freenet.hut.fi           (music)
    Kidlove ..... -                               (gfx)


    CNCD,   Orange,  VD/FLT,  Pulse,  TPOLM,   Coma,   Byterapers,
    Cubic  Team & $eeN,   Esteem,  SoCS,   TBL, Halcyon,  Complex,
    Radio,  Wild Light,   HiRMU,  Exceed,  Trauma,  DCS,  Haujobb,
    Cryonics, Selleri, Astroidea, Immortals, Jamm, Bomb.

    Hi RadXCell! :)


    this demo has been thoroughly tested and found not to cause any
    kind of damage to hardware or any kind of data loss. if however
    something bad  happens while  you are running ELEKTRONIKS,  the
    Doomsday crew  takes no responsibility  for this.  you use this
    program on your own risk.
    this demo may freely be  copied and  distributed if no money is
    charged for it.  the Doomsday crew  holds the copyright for the
    demosystem and datafiles,  Housemarque Inc. holds the copyright
    for the midas sound system and T Pytel  &  C Scheffold hold the
    copyright for the pmode/w  dos extender.  in plain english this
    means  that you are not  allowed to make  money on  ELEKTRONIKS
    without the written permission from the Doomsday crew.
    The Party organizers however are allowed to include ELEKTRONIKS
    on the The Party '97 cdrom (if there is any).


    Elektroniks               The Party '97  8th  demo       elekfin.zip
    Boost                     Assembly  '97  1st  demo       boostfin.zip
    I wish I was a Skijumper  Abduction '97  2nd  demo       dsd_wish.zip 
    Juhla IVb Invitation      -         '97   -   invitation j97invi.zip
    Guggle Me                 Skenery   '96  2nd  demo       guggleme.zip
    Vivid Experiment          Assembly  '96  3rd  demo       vividexp.zip
    Passion                   Assembly  '94  8th  intro      passion.zip
    Vanity & Apathy           Assembly  '93  7th  intro      va.zip

    you  can  download all  Doomsday  productions from www.hornet.org
    where you also will find music, gfx and coding tips by individual
    Doomsday members


    support the demogroups. if you enjoy watching a demo,  consider
    watching it again.  someone  has to  make it worth the coder's,
    samurai's and musician's  effort to keep up the high standards.
    they made it, so they deserve it.

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