Kubik (my beautiful beautiful cube) by acidrain [web]

   some words of wisdom?

   ok.  you  - fellow person -  may wonder  why we keep  releasing
   these  crappy demos.   i'd personally  like to do  much better,
   more beautiful,  more smooth and  more interesting demos. but i
   don't - i can't.

   but maybe  there's some hope.  looking at some musicians who've
   turned  also coders  and who are  making excellent  productions
   perhaps  there's  some  hope of  reaching  reasonable  state of
   making above average demos. perhaps.

   this demo  needs  a pentium  (might work  with  fast 486  but i
   doubt it),  some about 20+ megs of ram and a vesa 2.0  (scitech
   display doctor may help if the demo won't work).

   melwyn did all coding, musics, 3d objects and some gfx
   nemesulku did some gfx.

   well.. 3d engine by tapeworm.

   see u at ilosaarirock or at the assembly '99 computer festival!

                                           [ - melwyn - 130699 - ]