Stuff I whacked together when I was bored by Trauma

Armada presents
A Sol / Trauma demo
Soundtrack by Teque         _w,     ww.
   _ww_                    dMMP    MMM+     wmmmwww
 _0MMMM6   j#             jMP     dM!       MMMMMMMl
 M@^  "'   JM:            JM      0f          JM: -
JM(       wJMww, w,   w   dW__    Mb_,        JM:
JMbw_.   4MMMMMf M1  JM:JMMMMM1 0MMMMM.       JM
 MMMMMb,   4M(  jM1  JM ""MM""  "MMP"~        4M
   ""MMA   JM;  JMi  JM   WE     jMi          4M
      4M;  JM;  jMi  JM   WE     jMi          JM
,     JM(  jMi   M1  JM   Wk     jMi          JM
M,   _0M   jMi   M1  JM   W&     jM1          JMw__
MMWW0MM'   jMi   NMMMMM   08     jM1        dMMMMMM
 "MMM"      M     MMM*M   0f     jM(        "M""""'
                          "'      "

Thanks to Dan Royer for help figuring out math problems,
Eyal Mor and Michael Khaimzon for modeling tips, and 
Red Eye for music that wasn't used.

           0i                      w1                    M,
           M1                      0k                   jM;
           M1                      W&                   JM:
           M1                      W8   _               JM
di  0;  0, M1_WWa    d0#w   _0M#w  0E  JM1  j0MW,   _0MWJM
MS jM6 jMl MWMMMM.  MMMMM1  0@"MM  0E jM@  JMM"MM. jM@"MMM
#W JMW JM  MMP JM; 0M' JM: JM'     0EJM@   Mf _dM  0P   #M
40 0MM W0  MM  jMi Mf  JM  Mf      0MMM;  JM_JMM!  Ml   4#
JMjM"M:Mf  M1  jM1jMi  JM  Mi      MMPM#, JMMM"    Mi   4#
JMdP MWM'  M1   M1 M1  JM; M1      Mf  Mb JM!    _ M6   JM
 MMT MMM   M1   M1 MW__JM1 N0w_j0, M1  4Mi MWw_w0M 4MwwJMM
 NM  4Mf   M!   ME "MMM@MW  MMMMM  M1   MP "MMMM@'  MMMMMM
  '   "              "`  '   ""'              -       -

Developed on p3/600, GeForce256, 256 megs of RAM, Win2k and
dx7. According to win2k the demo never uses more than 64 megs
of RAM so it should run fine with 128 megs.
The demo should work fine with TNT. Performance and features with
other cards may vary (as I don't have time or cards themselves
to test them). Problems may occur due to the type of
multitexturing used, and due to 512x512 textures used in couple
  w1                             Jb    M1
  0&                             4#    M1
ww0Www   _w_      __.    _ww,  _w0#ww. M1 __.    _ww,   _ _ww
 -##    M@"*M1 jM@""MM jM!  0$   4M    MMM"4M. JM!  MI JMM"|M1
  4B   dM   M6 0@   ## 0@ a0M!   4M    MM' jM; 0P w0M! JM!  M'
  4#   0D   4& M1   0E MS0MM'    4M    MP  jMi MS0MM'  JM
  4#   #h   0E M1   M1 MMM'      4M    M1  jM1 MMM'    JM
  4M   4M, _Ml Mh,_0M1 Nh,  _0;  JM    M1   M1 Mb,  _0;JM
  4M    MM0M@  "MMM@M1  MMW0MM'  JM   jM1   M1  MMW0MM'JM
  "P     MMM    """ M1   "MM"     M    "    H!   MMM"  JM
               _.  wM

This demo features the first vector engine I have ever written (all
the other demos were made using other trauma members' engines). The
engine sports octree for visibility and collision checking (for 
flares etc).

           0i                         ____.
           M1                        JMMMMMMb
           M1                         ""M@MM!
           M1               _  _        Mf                           _ww
di  0;  0, M1_WWa    dM0w. jMxdM0,      Mf      J6  dL  0;  w0Mw,  _0MMM;
MS jM6 jMl MWMMMM.  0M"MM1 JM0MMM1      M1      #W  MW  M1 JM@"M0 jMMM"Ml
#W JMW JM  MMP JM; JM' aMf JMM' #&      M1      4M JMM JM'jMP  0E JMs  -
40 0MM W0  MM  jMi 0fw0MP  JMP  4B      M1      JM 0MM:JM dM   M1 JMMMw.
JMjM"M:Mf  M1  jM1 MMMM'   JM'  4B      M1      JMaM+M10P 4B   M1  ""MMS
JMdP MWM'  M1   M1 M@'   _,JM   4#      Mf       M0M MbMl 4#   #S     4M
 MMT MMM   M1   M1 4Mww_JMTJM   4M    wwM#WW;    MMf 4MM  JMw_a00 0wwwdM
  '   "               --         ^                '   "      "  "   ""

This demo was really whacked together with no plan whatsoever, and that
unfortunately shows. It's practically just a basic show of the vector 
engine, which I built from scratch in 4 weekends, and doesn't even show
all the features. If you have trouble, launch with anything as a 
parameter to pick the adapter to use to run the demo.

The rest of this infofile contains some spoilers, so watch the demo first.

  _                                     _
 jM                                    4#
 JM                                    4B
 JM                                    W8
 JM _w_     _w_   _, _w,   _ww,     ww,WE
 JM@' *M; JMP"NM, 4M@!JM jMP  08  0P` #M1
 JM    M6 0M   M1 4M' J@ dM a0M! JM    M1
 JM    4B Mf   M1 4&     0b0M@'  J0    M1
 JM    0P M1   M1 4&     MMM'    40    M1
 JM,  jM! NW, jM' 4&     4W,   wiJMw  jM1
 JMMM0MP   MM0MP  4&      MMW0MM' NM00MM6  #,
  ""MM!    "MMP   4F       "MM"    "MM""' JM!


This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without
restrictions for non-commercial use.

No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination
of products or services including this product without our authorization
and official written license.

Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any data
storage media and their distribution without the expressed permission of
the producer, is strictly prohibited.

This program or the data files contained therein may not be altered or
modified without the permission of the author.

You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any
consequences thereof. We the creators can not accept liability for damages
or failures arising from the use of this software.

Some image loading code is based in part on the work
of the Independent JPEG Group.

Uses ZLIB data compression library by Mark Adler and Jean-loup Gailly.
Uses FMod by Firelight multimedia.
Uses CFL2 compressed file library by Jari Komppa.
Uses D3DX dirext3d helper library by Microsoft.
Uses Flexporter by Pierre Terdiman.

"Stuff I whacked together when I was bored" the demo is
copyright(c)2000 Jari Komppa and Tero Kostermaa.

- What you hear is made by Teque.
- What you see is made by Sol.

Information about the parts:
(the real numbers; no larusse factor added)

6230 faces
Environment map in text and face.
The clump under right eye is the teardrop:
 /       \
/   / \   \
\  // \\  /
 \     . /
  \    '/

3299 faces
Environment map in pen tip (specially rendered for it).
Just shows the name of the demo, with one tricky texturing bit
on the paper.

3848 faces
2504 faces deformed
162 particles
Please note the posters on the walls =)

Torus knots
9690 faces
7 flares visibility collided with world
Practically just a worst-case collision check test.

Magic wand
1024 particles
That's my 'S' it's writing:

Flare box
3114 faces
64 particles collided with the box, attracted to magnet.
First collision stuff I did, before making an ray-poly checker..

Yet Another Race
11671 faces
about 2/3 detail textured, rest environment mapped.
64 particles for water rings
32 particles for smoke (2-pass)
Somewhat of a cliche, I admit..

10854 faces
80 particles colliding with alien face
Simple collision response thingy.

Sol says 'hi' to:
Apart from the people already mentioned I'd like to say 'hi' to:
Coaxcable, masterboy, firelght, oc, wog, ravian, dvb and the rest
of the #coders posse (who I'm not going to see for another 6 months
I'm afraid), Lauri Järvilehto, all Trauma and recreation members,
and the rest of my friends in Finland, and finally Mistril
Starshine, whoever you might be.

Last but not least..
I'm currently working in Israel as a senior Java programmer on an
extremely complex 3d multiuser internet thingy. When I was back
in Finland working as a web programmer (java/html/dhtml/javascript/
php/sql/cf/etc) and wanted to try something else, all companies I
visited just wanted to hire me to do the exactly same thing..
I wonder how many demos one has to make to convince people that I
can do stuff other than just HTML =)
Anyway, then I got a job offer from 3Dion in Israel, and thought,
what the heck, and here I am, typing this with just shorts on
as it's so goddamn hot.. I hope this demo makes it to the
bigscreen =)