Mus1k by Orb [web]

Mus1k - 1k "musicdisk" for c64.

Well, nothing special here, are these tracks long enough to be 
called songs?  Anyway, you have to load it with LOAD"MUS1K",8,1 
(thanks to TinySID compo entries for that byte saving trick) , 
most emulators do that automatically when you use their autoload 
features.  As I don't have real hardware setup anymore I haven't 
tested it on a c64, but it ran on the accurate emulators 
(CCS,HOXS,Vice) so I guess it's ok.  HOXS seemed to have trouble 
with the PRG file, use the d64 instead.

Press SPACE to cycle through the tunes.

4Mat/Orb - May 2008