ReBoy by Checkpoint [web]

ReBoy v1.0 alpha

ReBoy is a 7 channels 16 steps sample based sequencer for
the GameBoy Advance.

You need a Gameboy Advance (not tested with Nintendo DS)
and a flash-cartridge (I suggest www.flashlinker-shop.de)
to flash the program on the cart.
As an alternative you can use a GBA-emulator on PC, f.e.

This program is freeware - have fun & send some feedback
to lsl AT quantentunnel DOT de

keys in the sequencer:
A ........ select edit item
B ........ set attack fields according to frequency field
           (if frequency set -> set attack field)
L ........ decrease edit field/set unset edit field
R ........ increase edit field/set unset edit field
SELECT ... load/save/set bpm menu
START .... restart at position 1

edit fields:
freq frequency of the sample
attk start sample
cuto cutoff frequency
reso resonance
vol  volume
pann panning 0..left 100..center 200..right
dstp delay step
dfac delay factor
bitc bitcrunch 0..no crunch 7..max crunch
spl  sample to be played on channel
loop loop sample

To be done for the next version:
- possibility for own samples
- MIDI-IN interface for external knobs (hopefully)

lsl AT quantentunnel DOT de